Hey gorgeous readers,

This is a mystery,thriller novel with lots of family drama and suspense.

This book is totally a work of fiction and it doesn't have to do anything with the reality. If any of scenes have any similarities between the real and fictional world then it is just a mere coincidence.

All the pictures used in this book belongs to respected owners.

✨Tropes ✨

Princess x Her bodyguards

Reverse Grumpy x Sunshine



Protective x Possessive

I want to thank you for choosing my book and I clarify a few things before to get in the book to read it.

1. This is totally a work of fiction so it doesn't have anything to do with reality so please don't compare the fiction world to the real world.

2. This totally a family book with a little suspense and thriller chapters.

3. English isn't my first language so there will be mistakes there so rather than being rude in the comments section please just tell me what's wrong so I can edit it properly when I will edit my books.

4. Lastly, I wouldn't tolerate anyone being rude in the comment section for any reason. The bad comments will be removed immediately.

This book contains Mature language, abuse, blood, fights, violence, dark world, Royal world, deaths and murders. So please be prepared for it.

And don't report my books for any stupid reason. If you don't like it just leave it, go and find the book you can handle.

That's it for now👍🏻

Love you bohut saara ❤️

Muah 💋 💋💋

XoXo Black Butterfly

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Black Butterfly

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