Chapter Ten

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Third-person pov:

Aries woke up a while ago with his phone ringing and now he is staring at his baby sister with possessive eyes. He can't wrap his head against the thoughts of being melted by her one look. She isn't just beautiful and cute but she is also so smart and intelligent. She is the adorable Angel, His angel. His thoughts start getting dark so he stops them before he gets too lost in his dark world.

He realizes that she is hurt but doesn't want to show it. He doesn't know why she doesn't wanna show it to them. He just wants to help her. He thought of taking a peek at her injuries but decided against it. He wouldn't betray her. He will find another way of asking her to let him see her injuries so he can help her.

He is busy staring at her peaceful sleeping face. She is lying next to him with her head on his arm and a tiny leg on his chest. She is laying half on top of him. If some other kid even touches his clothes, he would have kicked them. He doesn't care if it's a boy or a girl. He just hates kids but Lilah is always an exception. He doesn't mind her touching him, hugging him, or even sleeping on top of him.

His thoughts were getting cut off by a few knocks on the door. Lilah snuggled more into his side hiding her face while her hair sprawled all over his arm and her face. He cooed at her how adorable she is looking with her parted lips and golden brown locks all over the place. He tucked her hair away from her face then again there is a knock on the door.

His jaw clenched and he growled quietly not to wake up the sleeping beauty: "Someone gonna die tonight"

He slowly untangled himself from his Angel and get up. He remembered moving around too much in her sleep so he put a few pillows around the bed and then gave her a pillow to cuddle as she was searching around with her tiny hands for Aries.

Aries grabbed his gun from the side and walked towards the bed looking back at her one more time. Aries opened the door and then held the gun pointing it at Dimitri's head: "You have a better reason to ruin my peaceful moments, ฮ‘ฮดฮตฮปฯ†ฯŒฯ‚ (Brother)?"

Dimitri said with a nervous chuckle holding his hands up in surrender: "Oops, sorry Big brother, I'm your younger brother, you can't kill me Si?"

Aries smirked darkly and said putting his finger on the trigger: "I can If you keep annoying me, fratllino Little brother"

Dimitri said with wide eyes: "no you wouldn't, papa gonna scold you"

Aries said pulling the trigger: "I can get a little scolding from Papรก, fratllino"

Dimitri let out an inaudible scream covering his head with his hands making Aries shook his head at his childish act and scared face. Dimitri let out an annoyed sigh when he realized he was totally good. There were no bullets in the gun. Aries said tucking his gun in his pants: "You have to be brave, fratllino"

Dimitri screeched still checking his head: "Are you crazy? What if there are bullets in this gun?"

Aries said ruffling his hair: "Be brave Fratllino"

Dimitri pouted fixing his hair: "Nonno is here to meet dumplings"

Aries asked raising one of his perfectly arched dark eyebrows: "To meet who?"

Dimitri said giggling happily bouncing on his toes: "Lilah, I love Lilah and I love dumplings so she is my dumpling"

Aries said shaking his head: "Great, by the way, how does Grandfather know about her?"

Dimitri said shrugging: "Uncle Eros went to get some things for dumplings but he bumped into Nonno there. Nonno saw him buying toddler things so he put two and two together and found out about her coming back so yup now he is here to meet her"

Aries nod then Dimitri said smiling: "Oh I'm here to tell you to bring her to the kitchen, Papa, and Dad will be there to prepare her to meet him"

Aries nod and before Dimitri can say anything else, he shut the door in his face making him wince rubbing his nose which got hit by the door: "Oww fuck you, Brother"

(A/N: Aww poor Dimitri. Dimitri is cute๐Ÿคง. What do you say?)

Aries rolled his eyes and turn around only to find Lilah sitting on the bed in the shield of pillows around her to protect her. Her hair is messy and all over the place as she is rubbing her sleepy eyes with her tiny fists pouting cutely. Aries awe at the sight of her puffy face from sleep and pink cheeks.

Aries walked towards her and put the two pillows aside then sat in front of her. He gently tucked her hair away from her face and then asked caressing her cheek: "How was your nap Angel?"

She yawned then mumbled with a small smile: "good"

Aries kissed her rosy cheeks and then said smiling at her lovingly: "That's good. I'm glad you sleep well. Let's wash your face then we have to go downstairs"

She hummed quietly and then made grabby hands to him. Aries said raising one of his dark eyebrows at her with a teasing smirk: "Getting comfortable I see?"

She blinked at him then mumbled looking down: "sorry"

Aries said picking her in his arms: "Angel, I was just teasing you. I promise I don't mind carrying you"

She asked pouting: "No angry?"

Aries said caressing her cheek so gently and carefully like she will break: "Never"

He said smiling at her: "let's wash up your face yes"

She leaned her head on his shoulder and he carried her to the black theme washroom. Lilah yawned stretching her arms: "Pretty"

He said chuckling: "Thanks Angel"

She smiled happily at him then he sat her on the countertop and grabbed a towel from the cabinets. He wet the towel with warm water and said smiling: "close your eyes, Angel"

She immediately shut her eyes tightly making him coo at how adorable she is looking right now. He sighed then mumbled: "I promise to always protect this innocence for your Angel"

He ever so carefully wiped her face clean then said smiling at her putting the towel aside: "all done"

She smiled blinking up at him with her wide eyes. She is looking at him like she is looking at the dark sky filled with millions of stars shining brightly. He shook his head at her staring so intensely at him and asked: "Angel, what happened?"

She starts looking down so he said holding her chin firmly: "Never let your crown down Angel. Always keep your head high"

She blinked not quietly understanding what he said but still nod her head at him. He kissed her forehead and then said smiling: "Let's go downstairs yes. Grandfather is downstairs to see you"

She looked at him with wide eyes and start wiggling in his arms to get down. He furrowed his eyebrows and she said on the verge of crying: "No go. No, go, please. I'm good. I no go"

He said bouncing her in his arms: "Shh shh calm down Angel. He wouldn't hurt you and Dad and Papa will be here with you. I will be there with you"

She sobbed quietly so he said gently: "you wanna go to Papa"

She nods quickly saying: "Daddy, Papa"

Aries kissed her cheek and wiped her tears then walked out of the room closing the door behind them. She leaned her head on his shoulder while they asked downstairs from the back corridor stairs. He walked to the kitchen to find his papa standing against the kitchen counter.

Luciano standing in front of him with his hands on both sides of the counter caging Levi between the counter and himself. Aries covered Lilah's eyes and cleared his throat making Levi turn red and Luciano groaned pulling away from his husband. Aries said glaring at Luciano: "Didn't I tell you to keep your distance from Papa? He isn't good"

Luciano rolled his eyes then glared back at him: "he is my husband Reece"

Aries glared at him and then said uncovering Lilah's eyes: "She is scared to meet Grandfather"

Luciano walked towards his princess then smiled at her holding his hands up to carry her in his arms: "My beautiful princess"

She made grabby hands throwing herself in his open arms making them chuckle at her all eager. Luciano said kissing her forehead: "Oh you miss Dadddy mhm?"

She said nodding her head: "Yes"

He said smiling: "Mhm Daddy also misses his princess"

Levi said pouting at her: "What about me?"

Aries wrapped his arm around Levi and pull him to his side: "I missed you, papa"

Lilah chirped like an energetic bird: "Me too. Me too"

Aries shook his head while Luciano and Levi chuckled at her looking adorable nodding her head furiously. Levi said with a teasing smile: "Oh you did huh?"

She said nodding her head: "Yes yes papa"

Levi pecked her head and Aries asked quietly to Levi so Lilah wouldn't hear him: "Why the fuck do you smell like sex Papa?"

Levi turned whole red and said pushing away from him: "Shut up Aries and go greet your grandfather"

(A/N: possessive Aries ๐Ÿ˜)

Aries glared at Luciano who is too busy talking to the energetic bird to see him glare but he feel him glaring at him. He didn't respond to his glare and Aries started walking towards the exit of the kitchen when Levi said in a stern mom tone: "And don't say anything to disrespect him, Aries please"

Aries said blankly: "I wouldn't until he didn't say anything to disrespect My Dad and Papa"

Levi looked at Luciano who shrugged making Levi sigh in response. Levi said grabbing a glass and filling it with water: "here baby drink some water"

Lilah greedily drank the whole glass of water making Luciano chuckle: "You should have told us that you are a thirsty princess"

Lilah pouted: "Miss angry to ask for water or food"

Levi said cupping her face: "No one will be angry at you here. You can eat anytime here"

Lilah asked cautiously: "water"

Luciano said with a clenched jaw: "and drink water or anything you want, anytime"

Lilah said with a beautiful smile: "thank you, Papa"

Levi kissed her forehead a few times then said smiling at her: "You don't need to thank me for this baby. I love you so much"

Lilah smiled at him then Luciano sat her on the counter and Levi said holding her tiny hands in his bigger ones: "Baby, Your grandfather is here. Luciano dad. He wants to meet you"

She nodded slowly as her bottom lip started trembling while her eyes filled with tears. Levi said cupping her face: "Baby, no mo please don't cry. It broke my heart to see you cry. You don't need to go to him. You can just sit in Luci's lap or my lap, even Aries or any of your brothers If you want"

She stuttered sniffling: "hurt?"

Luciano said with a clenched jaw: "Princess, he would never lay a finger on you. He will protect you forever even with his life"

She blinked at him as her bottom lips tucked between her teeth and she sniffled: "No hurt"

Levi said smiling: "Never"

Luciano holds her jaw in a firm grip and turns her head to him so he looks directly into his eyes. He said truthfully looking deeply in her wide grey eyes: "And no one can ever lay a finger on you when We are with you. I will break that hand who will even think about hurting you"

She nod slowly understanding his words then mumbled: "okay"

Levi said smiling: "C'mon let's greet your grandfather. Do you wanna sit in my lap?"

Lilah nods her tiny head still thinking deeply about meeting a whole new person. Levi said smiling picking her: "let's go"

Lilah leaned her head on his shoulder then Luciano wrapped his arms around his husband and pulled him closer. They walked outside the kitchen towards the living room. Luciano whispered to Levi looking at her worried face: "Don't worry. She is our brave girl"


Aries walked to the living room only to find their grandfather talking to Grayson. Dominic is almost half asleep on the couch while Quinn is looking bored. Dimitri is sitting behind the couch don't know why. Tristan is nowhere in sight. Aries being the eldest brother asked looking at Grayson: "Where is this idiot?"

Dimitri said jumping from behind the couch: "I'm here. I'm here"

Aries said smirking: "Well too bad Finn, I wasn't asking about you. I'm glad you accept you are an idiot but I'm asking about the other one"

Dimitri said glaring nastily at him: "Tristan went to his room to clean the dead body"

Donato glared at Dimitri who covered his mouth as soon as he realized that their grandfather was there. Donato never liked their Mafia business. He hates his father for making Luciano get into this business. Even though the decision was Luciano's own to join the Mafia after his grandfather. Donato never supported his decision.

Donato was so angry at Luciano for joining the Mafia but Luciano was far too gone in the business to back down. Luciano never want to let his father down but he couldn't back away and let their enemies hurt his family. To protect his father and brothers, he changed his last name from Bianchi to Black and made his name in the world.

Donato was proud of Luciano's legal business and name but he hate his other business. After Luciano's grandfather accepted the fact about Luciano liked boys, he fixed his marriage with the Russian Mafia son Levi. Levi was living with his brother and grandfather Mikhail Volkov.

He is the most dangerous and filthy man. He killed his son and his wife just because his son doesn't want to join the Mafia. He wants Levi and his brother to join his business. But Levi being the innocent soul, couldn't hurt a single fly so he declined politely to be part of the Mafia. And that's when Mikhail starts his plan.

Aries rolled his eyes and sat down on the couch next to Quinn who rubbed his temple and leaned on Aries's shoulder who looked at him and then ruffled his hair letting him lean on his shoulder. Quinn was a bit surprised because he saw some emotions swirling in Aries's eyes which is too rare.

But he ignored it and snuggled into his big brother's side just like he used to do when he was a little boy. Aries said looking at Donato: "You are here suddenly grand-father"

Donato said blankly: "It's not like you don't know why I'm here?"

Aries chuckled darkly saying: "Right. Well papa wants me to greet you so greeting Grandfather"

Grayson's phone started ringing so he checked his phone and listen to the other person talk. He groaned as Luciano and Levi entered the room: "Well, All our Uncles and their sons are on their way here. They will be here in around an hour or something"

Dominic clapped sarcastically: "Fucking great"

Donato said shrugging: "I didn't inform any of them"

Levi said with a sigh: "this is going to fucking chaotic night ever"

Luciano and Aries said at the same time: "Language Love"

"Language Papa"

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