Chapter Nine

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Third-person pov:

Luciano is staring at the blank space with a clenched jaw and his eyes are cold. Levi knows Luciano and his father don't go along well so he said taking charge in his hands: "Boys go greet your grandfather and don't tell him about Lilah. We will inform him ourselves"

Grayson said with a clenched jaw: "Sure"

Levi ruffled Dimitri's hair who pulled away from him and wiped his face while huffing: "Not my hair, pops"

Levi chuckled lightly and shake his head. They all left the office room one by one and Levi walked towards his husband with a small frown on his face. Luciano's head is leaning against the chair with his eyes closed and a dark look on his face. The words and his father's disgusted face are coming in front of his eyes:

"you like boys? Luciano? Are you gonna ruin my whole name? And what about kids? How that boy gonna gave you kids? Your family?"

Luciano opened his eyes when he felt Levi sitting in his lap straddling him. Let's wrap his legs around his torso and hands around his neck. He leaned down to kiss his jaw while saying: "Luci?"

Luciano said with a small sigh: "I'm fine Love"

Levi said hiding his face in the crook of his neck: "I know you are still upset about whatever happened year's ago Luci. But he doesn't hate us. He just doesn't know how to accept the fact about you liking boys. You know he is a little old-fashioned but he changed for us"

Luciano said leaving small kisses down his husband's neck: "I know Love but I can't forget the way he treated you back there"

Levi sighed feeling the hardness of Luciano through his pants and he felt himself getting hard.ย  A soft moan escaped his lips when Luciano sucked on his collarbone tugging at his shirt. Levi said holding his hands: "Luci, no we can't right now"

Luciano said with a soft look: "It wouldn't take long love. It's been months since I last felt you wrapped around me"

Levi said shaking his head with the pink blush coating his cheeks: "I also want you Luci but your father is downstairs and also kids can be here any minute to call us any minute"

Luciano rolled his eye and get up sitting Levi on the table. Levi smiled jumping off the table and fixing his pants and shirt: "Oh Luci, don't worry. You can have me tonight as much as you want"

Levi turned back to Luciano only to find him locking the door. Levi gulped audibly making Luciano smirk at his husband's cute reaction then stalked towards him. Levi tried to walk past his horny husband who is ready to fuck his brain out: "Luci not right now"

Luciano grabbed his wrist and pushed all the things aside from the table. He pushed Levi onto the table and pushed his hips against Levi making him moan loudly. Luciano chuckled: "C'mon Love you also want it as much as I want"

Levi didn't reply to their husband to lose in feeling his husband's hardness pressing against his own. Luciano smirked pulling away from his husband: "let's go downstairs"

Levi looked at his husband with half-lidded eyes then grumbled: "What?"

Luciano said walking towards the door: "let's go, Love, everyone waiting downstairs"

Levi glared at his back then growled at his husband: "Luci, come back here and satisfy your husband"

Luciano chuckled walking back to him immediately: "That's what I'm waiting for Love"

Levi smiled and Luciano leaned down pushing his hips against his husband and kissing him hungrily wrapping his tattooed hand around his neck and saying: "Fuck, I missed this so much"



All the Black brothers walk downstairs only to find out their grandfather Donato Bianchi sitting on the single couch with his legs crossed and a blank look on his face. His eyes are dark and cold just like their father. He is wearing a black suit and glaring at Eros Russo, their father's best friend who is looking down. Grayson greeted his grandfather with a small nod: "Hello, Nonno (grandfather)"

Donato raised one of his eyebrows at others who all greeted him respectfully giving him a small hug except Dominic. Donato looked behind to find his son but didn't find him anywhere, not even Levi. Grayson said blankly sitting on the couch: "Dad will be downstairs soon with Papa"

Donato nodded then asked: "So where is my Granddaughter?"

Dominic rubbed his temple and Grayson said shaking his head: "What are you talking Nonno?"

Donato gave him a cold glare saying to argue with him and see what happens next. Tristan said rolling his eyes: "You are not gonna ask about your eldest grandson?"

Donato said rolling his eyes: "Not Reece, he is just like his Dad, a possessive beast"

Dominic snickered looking at him with a scowl on his face: "You shouldn't have disrespected our Papa then"

Donato glared at him: "I don't think so I disrespect him. He is my son-in-law. Yes, I made mistakes in the past but I learn from them"

Dominic chuckled darkly: "Right, Nonno"

Dimitri said smiling trying to lighten up the mood: "Well Uncle Eros, why are you with Nonno?"

Eros said with a defeated look: "I went to bring things for the princess but I bumped into Mr Bianchi and he find out about her coming back. He dragged me here"

Grayson said shaking his head: "Dad will tell you everything"

Tristan laughed: "They must be fucking their brains out in the office"

Dimitri scrunched up his nose: "eww hey don't talk about Papa like this. My papa is innocent"

Tristan said chuckling: "Oh c'mon, I'm hundred percent sure, they must be fucking. That's why they are taking so long to come downstairs"

Donato rolled his eyes at his grandsons and pulled out his phone typing away on it. Grayson leaned at ist the couch while Dominic walked upstairs to his room. Dimitri said shaking his head: "Nope, Papa must be helping Dad to calm down so they can come downstairs"

Tristan snickered: "Fucking"

Dimitri retorted with a glare: "Talking"

Tristan said smiling: "Bet 1000 โ‚ฌ If they came downstairs freshly showered after fucking"

Dimitri said innocently with a smile: "No they wouldn't"

Tristan asked: "You gonna lose brother"

Dimitri said smirking: "Nope, my papa is innocent and also he isn't good so they aren't allowed to do things. So they wouldn't do naughty business"

Quinn grunted: "For fuck sake, you guys are talking about our parents"

Tristan laughed at Quinn: "Oh C'mon brother, it's not like that you gonna see them doing this"

Quinn clenched his jaw and glared at him darkly making him laugh nervously. He said clapping his hands: "Oh, I have to feed my baby panda in my room. Will he be back in a minute?"

Dimitri asked shocked: "When did you get a pet panda? And how?"

Grayson said rolling his eyes: "You don't have any pandas in your room Tristan"

Tristan said stubbornly crossing his arms over his chest: Off course, I have. He is sleeping right now and he is shy to come out so you never saw him"

Grayson said huffing: "Tristan sit your fucking ass down. You aren't leaving from here"

Tristan said with furrowed eyebrows and a small pout: "But Nic also left"

Grayson glared at him: "he will be back right now and you aren't going to the room before dinner because you gonna fall asleep and wouldn't have dinner. Papa wouldn't like it"

Dimitri chimed in: "Oh yes, and you sleep like dead"

Grayson agreed: "true"

After waiting for around 40 minutes,ย  Luciano and Levi walked downstairs freshly showered in different sets of casual clothes. Luciano is wearing a pair of sweatpants and a grey full sleeves t-shirt with Levi wearing black sweatpants and a hoodie which is Luciano of course. Luciano tattooed their hand in on the back of Levi who smiled with pink cheeks at his father-in-law.

Tristan smirked at Dimitri who glared back at him: "You lose brother"

Dimitri said grumbling: "asshole"

Tristan says poking his side: "give me my 1000 โ‚ฌ"

Dimitri pulled out his phone and transferred 1000 โ‚ฌ to Tristan's account and showed him making him poke his side again. Dimitri said annoyed with a tight lip smile showing his middle finger:

"Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I have five fingers,

The middle one for you"

Tristan said glaring at him: "Fuck off bitch"

Grayson said glaring at both of them: "No more noise both of you"

(A/N: Tristan and Dimitri are just like my cousin's brothers, they can bicker like this over nothing ๐Ÿคญ)

Donato nodded at Levi standing up when Luciano and Levi reached where they were seating. Levi stepped away from Luciano and walked towards Donato who opened his arms for him. Levi smiled warmly hugging him tightly: "Dad, how are you?"

Donato said patting his back: "great like always, Rylee"

Levi asked smiling up at him and pulling away: "you are taking your medicines on time"

Donato chuckled lightly: "You message me every single time and every single day to take my medicines than how can I forget"

Levi chuckled embarrassed a bit: "Yeah, cause you always forget to take them. And I don't wanna lose my dad once again"

Donato said smiling pecking his forehead "You will never lose your dad Rylee. I'm always here for you"

Levi smiled with tears glistening in his eyes then Luciano wrapped his arm around his husband's small waist and pulled him. Donato chuckled inside at his possessive son, he never changed. He was possessive of his mom and now his husband. Levi blushed more and Luciano greeted his father with gritted teeth: "Father, what are you doing here?"

Levi said softly: "Luci please"

Luciano didn't look down at his husband who is staring at him for his eyes to gall down on him so he can attack him with his puppy eyes. But Luciano who is well aware of his husband's special weapon didn't look down on him. Levi succeed quietly and Grayson chuckled at their papa cite act along with Eros and others also except Donato and Luciano.

(A/N: Luciano is just so freaking hot ๐Ÿฅต๐Ÿ˜ญ. Luciano is around 6'7 feet tall while Levi is 6'0 feet so yup. Aries is just two inches shorter than his father)

Luciano is stating at his father waiting for his answer when Donato said with a clenched jaw: "I'm here to see my granddaughter"

Luciano chuckled darkly: "Oh so you find out about her coming back"

Donato said in a bitter tone: "And you really think, you could hide her from her grandfather?"

Levi said trying to lighten: "Dad, how are Adagio and Venezio doing? And Jace, Ronan. Did Jace learn to control his anger?"

Donato said shaking his head: "Adagio is busy with his hospital work, and only gets free on Sundays for family dinners. And Venezio just came back from Germany two days back. About Jace, he is getting out of control. Almost killed a poor junior-year boy from school just because he messed with Ronan"

Levi said shaking his head: "Is he still taking therapies?"

Donato said with a sigh leaning against the couch: "He punched his therapist, don't know why?"

Quinn smirked proudly making Levi roll his eyes: "Of course, he is our brother"

Luciano sat down on the single brown couch pulling Levi in his lap making him gasp and blush furiously.ย  He said trying to get up: "Luci"

Luciano growled lowly: "Stop moving around love if you wanna walk properly tomorrow"

Levi turned redder and said harshly: "Luci your dad is here"

Luciano said leaning down to his ear: "Like I fucking care. I just want you near me to keep me, calm love"

Levi sighed and wrapped his hands around Luciano's hands which are holding his waist pulling him closer. He leaned on the couch and pulled Levi to his chest. Levi smiled apologetically saying: "Luci is just in a bad mood so"

Donato said shrugging: "Rylee, there is nothing we never saw. And you are his husband"

Luciano said bitterly: "You accept it soon"

Donato clicked his tongue when Levi said smiling: "Luci, let me get some tea for Dad"

Luciano said blankly: "Elisha can do this"

Levi said smiling: "I like to do this for my family and Dad loves tea made by me"

Luciano grumbled like a kid getting separated from his favorite teddy but crossed his arms over his chest to keep himself in control. Levi said smiling at Dimitri: "Dimi baby, come with me"

Dimitri pouted busy playing on his phone: "I'm playing"

Levi gave him a look and Dimitri immediately turned off his phone and rushed to the kitchen following Levi. Dimitri said with wide eyes: "umm pops, I suck at cooking you know"

Levi said shaking his head: "I love my kitchen Dimi. I don't wanna blow my kitchen with your cooking skills"

Dimitri giggled and Levi said grabbing things he needed to make the special tea for his father-in-law: "You are going to Aries to bring Lilah downstairs. Dad wants to meet her and tell Aries to warn her about a new presence she gets scared easily. And don't go inside Aries's room until he asks you. You know he will shoot you before you step inside his room"

Dimitri said giggling like a toddler rushing upstairs and pecking Levi's cheek making two maids giggle quietly at the youngest black: "Oh my way, Pops. Love you"

Levi shook his head muttering to himself: "I hope, Lilah doesn't get frightened up. Dad looks scary as fuck. I got scared when I first met him for the first time. Lilah is just a toddler"

Luciano whispered in his ear from behind: "Don't worry so much Love"

Levi flinched a bit but sugar slapped his chest: "You nearly gave me a heart attack"

Luciano said glaring darkly at him with a clenched jaw: "You aren't leaving me, Love, never. Remember this or I will burn this whole world down"

Levi said blinking cutely: "you love me this much"

Lucino said pecking his lips as the maids already left the kitchen: "More than you can think"

Levi smiled and pecked his lips back while saying: "Love you so more and more and more"

Luciano smiled a bit and Levi said poking his dimples: "I'm sometimes jealous of these pretty dimples of yours"

Luciano said caressing his jaw: "You are beautiful without dimples"

Levi smiled brightly then said with a frown: "I'm worried about Lilah Luci. She isn't ready to meet anyone but we can say no to Dad"

Luciano almost growled: "Of course, we can if it's for our daughter's goodwill"

Levi said shaking his head: "no Luci, he is our father"

Luciano shrugged his shoulders then said holding his lips upwards: "Don't frown, I don't like you upset or worried. And I messaged Dimitri to bring her to the kitchen before getting her to the living room so we can prepare her before she meets Father"

Levi said kissing his cheek: "Aww you are so thoughtful. You are the best father and husband and brother and son"

Luciano chuckled lowly saying: "Maybe everything but not the best son, Love. I was never and I will never be the best son for him"

(A/N: Luciano and Donato messed up their relationship. But Lilah will bring them close๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿฅบ)

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