Chapter Eight

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Third-person pov:

Luciano is sitting on the big brown leather chair in his office with an emotionless face. All the softness and love he had in his eyes a few minutes before is gone. They are cold and dark just like before. His jaw is clenched and his hands are on the table in front of him together. He is waiting for his sons to enter the office so he can talk to them and go back to his princess.

Levi is sitting right next to him on another red leather sipping chair with an angry face. His eyes are holding so many emotions right now. Levi gets strong and knows how to control his emotions but he just couldn't hide his emotions like his husband and sons. His eyes always show up whatever is going on inside him.

Luciano's eyes snapped to the door when he hear the sound of the door opening ad and an angry Grayson walked inside with a smirking Dominic behind him. Levi is about to ask them this when Quinn growled walking inside the room: "Are you fucking serious, Tristan? We have a kid in this house now"

Tristan frowned and shrugged walking inside the office room and taking a seat on the couch near the door. Dimitri rushed inside then said taking a few deep breaths: "I saw a dead body"

Luciano stands up immediately thinking about someone dead body in his hous3 and his princess seeing it and then getting scared.ย  He didn't want her to find out about their work, like never. Quinn grumbled seeing Luciano standing up already knowing what he must be thinking: "Dad, It's in Tristan's room"

Levi growled now: "a fucking dead body?"

Luciano said with a clenched jaw: "Language Love"

Grayson asked glaring at their younger brother: "Why do you have a dead body in your room?"

Dimitri pouted: "you didn't invite me to have some fun with him"

Tristan snickered: "That's because you didn't let my babe see me. You disturbed her and she didn't stare at me with her adorable grey big eyes like she didn't to others, Fartellino (little brother)"

Dimitri said sticking his tongue at him: "I hate you bitch"

Tristan chuckled darkly: "Like I love you, double bitch"

Luciano muttered under his breath: "They are just like him, fucking stupid"

Levi said cutting Dimitri off who is about to say something: "Shut up boys. And Tristand why do you have a dead body in your room?"

Luciano sit down again with a roll of his eyes at his son's stupidity. Tristan said shrugging with a frown: "he kept on annoying me"

Quinn scoffed giving him a look of disbelief: "So you invite him and boom"

Tristan said chuckling: "Yup, boom. I killed him. You are saying it like you didn't kill your trainer just because he said, you get a bit fat"

Quinn said glaring at him: "I didn't kill him because of that. I killed him because he was starting my papa for more than thirty seconds, and Aries saw him doing it through the video call and ordered me to kill him cause he wasn't there at that time to do it"

Luciano looked at Levi who pouted and then shrugged his shoulders at him. Luciano growled: "Why didn't I know that some fucker why staring at Mine Husband for more than a few seconds?"

Tristan said chuckling: "Because you were in Dubai Dad with Aries and we didn't want to worry you andPapaa"

Luciano's hand fisted in tightly but Levi rubbed his thumb over the back of his hand making him relax under his touch. Tristan said smirking at Quinn: "And keep your nose out of my business"

Quinn laughed darkly: "Yeah, I should keep my nose out of your business when you get wasted and want to come to hiding from Dad and Papa. Don't expect me to help you next time, Fratellino (little brother)"

Tristan grumbled: "You snitch, mother fucke"

Luciano rolled his eyes and speak in a low and dark voice which is too calm for their liking: "Tristan Iris Black"

Tristan said quickly knowing their dad is really pissed off right now: "I will clean up before dinner, I promise. Lilah wouldn't see anything"

Quinn said glaring at him: "you better clean it before that innocent kid sees all this and gets traumatized"

Tristan gave him an evil smile: "I will clean up brother"

Quinn scoffed and turn to look at their dad: "Fucker"

Luciano started saying but got cut off by Dimitri: "As you are all here so I wanna"

Dimitri asked cutting him off: "Hey wait, where is Dumplings?"

Grayson said rolling his eyes at their youngest brother: "You are hungry right now?"

Tristan's snickered: "You just had a whole fucking meal of Mac Donald"

Dimitri said rolling his eyes: "I'm asking about Lilah guys, she is cute and also my favorite in the whole family, of course, you are always my favorite papa"

Tristan said with a laugh: "dumplings? Likes seriously? you gonna call her dumplings?"

Dimitri retorted: "What the heck is wrong with Dumplings? It's better than your Hey babe"

Tristan is about to say something when Levi gets up from his chair and said a deadly calm and low voice: "Now listen here kids, Dumplings, babe, or whatever the fuck you call her, she is safe with her eldest brother Reece"

Dimitri is about to say something when he glared at him: "And don't you dare to interop me when I'm talking Dimitri Rico Black. And no you are not allowed to go to her right now. And Aries is with her cause we all know how much Aries hate the topic of abuse and he gonna lose his shit with whatever Luci is going to talk. So sit your asses down on the couch and listen to your Dad without interrupting him. You can ask whatever doubts you have after he finished"

Tristan and Dimitri apologized at the same time: "We apologize"

Luciano's jaw is clenched hard and he said through gritted teeth: "Dont interrupt me next time, or your loving papa wouldn't be able to protect you from ending up in my torture cell"

They both nod their heads at him and Luciano started with gritted teeth: "Two days back....."

(A/N: So you all know how he met her and all this so, not going to write all this again, peace โœŒ๏ธ)


On the other hand, Aries shut the door with an emotionless face and walked towards the bed. Lilah big grey eyes looked around the big room. Which is basically dark in black and grey color. There is a huge king-size bed with a nightstand next to it. There is a huge screen hanging on the wall right in front of the bed and a study table with a bookshelf right next to it.

There are thousands of books on this shelf and so many files on the other bookshelf next to the other side of the study table. Then a glass door to the balcony and two other doors going to the bathroom and closet. She is busy admiring a big portrait of Aries looking so young with Levi and Luciano right next to him. There is also a big chair right near the small fireplace.

She is looking around the place with big grey eyes when Aries said making her look at him: "Angel?"

She blinked then mumbled: "huh?"

He sat her down on the bed and sat right next to her keeping a small space between them. He look at her and she started back at him with the same curious look he is giving her. He made eye contact with her and she didn't break the eye contact feeling protected, safe, and possessive of her eldest brother.

(A/N: so mostly in all my stories, I made the brothers possessive but this time, Our Lilah will be possessive and protective of her family ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคซ)

Aries asked looking into her eyes: "How are you feeling Angel?"

She said smiling at him: "Good, I'm pretty now. Papa made me pretty, I smell nice"

Aries said touching a small scar right over the side of her jawline: "You were looking beautiful with your messy hair. You are always the most beautiful girl. My Angel"

She smiled and crawled a bit near him to close the distance between them. Aries smirked at her and she yawned mumbling: "you pretty"

He said chuckling: "Thanks Angel"

She blushed pink and yawned again so he said in a low whisper not to wake up the almost half-asleep sleeping beauty: "You tired Angel. Let's have a nap mhm"

She hummed quietly and let him pick her in his arms once again. He walked towards the side of the bed and get on with his Angel in his arms. She whimpered when his hand touched her side. He asked carefully: "What happened there, Angel?"

She said slowly: "Hurt but no see please"

He said pecking the side of her head: "I wouldn't hurt you, Angel"

She hummed once again and he laid down on the bed with his Angel on top of him. Her head was buried in his chest her breathing getting even slowly. His rough fingers gently run through her long golden brown wavy locks making her snuggle more into him. He called out in his usual rough voice: "Angel?"

She rubbed her eyes and look up at him making him coo at her. She blinked at him and he said pecking her forehead: "I missed you so much, Angel. I love you from the day we found out about having you. It was the best day of my life. I'm telling you all this cause I know you wouldn't remember any of this cause you aren't fully awake"

His angel is already fallen asleep in his arms. His heart is beating slowly with her even breathing. He didn't realize when his eyes went closed that there is only one thing in his heart: "This Little Angel is his, only his and he wouldn't let anyone hurt her or get her away from him, only his"


Luciano finished talking and looked at his sons who are all fuming in anger. Dominic is having an emotionless face with cold eyes giving nothing but his jaw clenched which talking Luciano that he is angry. Grayson's hands are into fists while his eyes turn darker. He is just thinking of ways to kill those who hurt their sister.

Quinn had tears in his eyes but he didn't let them out while Tristan is hiding his face in his hands. Dimitri had years running down his face while he is angry at himself for not being able to protect her. Tristan said with a clenched jaw: "you have them in your torture room right Dad?"

Luciano nods blankly and Dimitri said with tears: "How can they hurt her? She is so small. Just why?"

He broke down in tears once again thinking how much their baby sister suffered there with them. Levi wiped his own tears which keep flowing down his face. He walked towards him and wrapped his arms around him. Dimitri hides his face into his stomach sobbing quietly: "I don't want her to suffer. I should have to protect her. I'm her big brother and"

He sniffled and Levi whispered rubbing his hands through his hair: "shh Rico, it's no one's fault. And we will give him the most painful death for hurting our baby"

Dimitri against his chest and cried a little. Quinn said after a few seconds: "I don't think so we should keep them alive for a long time. We have high security but what if they get away and try to just her again"

Dominic said with a clenched jaw: "I agree with Quinn"

Luciano said nodding his head: "I also agree with you Quinn"

They all nod when they hear a knock and Dimitri fixed himself pulling away from Levi's arms but Levi pulled him back into his embrace glaring at him. Luciano said in his usual cold and dark voice: "Enter"

A guard said bowing down: "Godfather, Mr. Bianchi is here with Mr Russo? And he is looking so angry"

Grayson said with a clenched jaw: "Grandfather is here. Fuck we are so dead"

(A/N: SURPRISE! Grandfather is here๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคญ)

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