Chapter Seven

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Third-person pov:

Aries stopped right in front of her then bent down a little to come face to face with her. His hand touched her cheek with the back of his hand and said coldly: "Aries Reece black"

She blinked and he leaned down to kiss her forehead: "ฮŸ ฮฌฮณฮณฮตฮปฯŒฯ‚ ฮผฮฟฯ… (My Angel)"

Aries stands up to his full height and looks down at the toddler girl in front of his eyes. He never found a kid this adorable. He hates kids, he hates them. He can never stand them. They disgust him. But He found the girl in front of him adorable. He knows he will never have a wife and kids as he is aromantic. He will never fall in love.

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Aries is about to walk away when Dimitri asks: "don't tell me you curse the poor girl in this language, none of us understood"

Aries rolled his gorgeous green eyes at him while Lilah is busy staring at the beautiful man in front of her. He is so pretty in her eyes. Luciano asked looking at Aries: "What you called her?"

Aries smirked darkly as no one in the family knew the Greek language. He is the only one who learns this language and..........

His thoughts get cut off when the toddler in front of him speaks: "ฮ•ฯ…ฯ‡ฮฑฯฮนฯƒฯ„ฯŽ (Thank you)"

He looked at her almost shocked just for a second and quickly get his poker face back. Others are looking at him with wide eyes except one of her brothers. He just had an amused look in his eyes. He smirked at her: "ฮพฮญฯฮตฮนฯ‚ ฮตฮปฮปฮทฮฝฮนฮบฮฎ ฮณฮปฯŽฯƒฯƒฮฑ (you know Greek language)"

She said proudly: "ฮ“ฮฝฯ‰ฯฮฏฮถฯ‰ ฮนฯ„ฮฑฮปฮนฮบฮฌ, ฮตฮปฮปฮทฮฝฮนฮบฮฌ, ฮณฮฑฮปฮปฮนฮบฮฌ ฮบฮฑฮน ฯ„ฯŽฯฮฑ ฮผฮฑฮธฮฑฮฏฮฝฯ‰ ฮฑฮณฮณฮปฮนฮบฮฌ (I know Italian Greek and now learning English)"

He gently touched her head and said walking away: "ฮดฮตฮฝ ฮบฮฑฯ„ฮฑฮปฮฑฮฒฮฑฮฏฮฝฮฟฯ…ฮฝ ฮตฮปฮปฮทฮฝฮนฮบฮฌ, ฮฟฯ€ฯŒฯ„ฮต ฮผฮทฮฝ ฯ„ฮฟฯ…ฯ‚ ฯ€ฮตฮฏฯ„ฮต ฯ„ฮน ฮผฮนฮปฮฌฮผฮต.ย  ฮ˜ฮฑ ฮตฮฏฮฝฮฑฮน ฮท ฮผฯ…ฯƒฯ„ฮนฮบฮฎ ฮผฮฑฯ‚ ฮณฮปฯŽฯƒฯƒฮฑ ฮฝฮฑ ฮผฮนฮปฮฌฮผฮต ฮผฯ€ฯฮฟฯƒฯ„ฮฌ ฯƒฮต ฯŒฮปฮฟฯ…ฯ‚ (they don't understand Greek so don't tell them what we talk. It will be our secret language to talk in front of everyone)"

She smiled happily and nod excitedly at him. Aries walked upstairs saying: "Papรก get some rest"

Levi smiled at him and Dimitri asked excitedly: "Woah, Woah their little munchkin, how do you speak Greek language? Leave it. What Aries and you talked?"

She blinked then mumbled quietly don't want to anger him: "He says no tell anyone"

Luciano asked gently: "How about you tell us what he called you first?"

She said with pink cheeks: "My Angel"

Dimitri fall from the couch with a shocked face and Lilah asked quickly: "Oh you hurt?"

He said with wide eyes: "Am I dreaming? Aries touched a kid, especially a girl. Even call her Angel. Pinch me, brother"

The boy next to him, who had a blank expression but an amused look in his eyes pinched him hard on his thigh. Dimitri hissed rubbing the red spot for soothing the pain: "bitch not do hard"

Levi scolded Dimitri with a glare: "Language"

Dimitri gave him an apologetic smile and Levi rolled his eyes then Luciano said pecking her cheek: "My princess is super adorable. No one can ignore her cuteness"

Dimitri said chuckling: "yeah, our big bad wolf just melted with her cuteness"

Lilah asked with big excited eyes: "Wolfie, like a real wolfie"

Grayson smirked at her cute reaction over the wolf: "If you want one. We can get you a real wolf, Dimples"

Grayson thought: "I will become her favorite by getting her a wolf dog"

She nodded at him excitedly and Levi asked with wide eyes: "You are not really getting a wolf?"

Grayson smirked at their papa: "Not really maybe a wolf dog for her"

Luciano nod agrees with him and Lilah squealed happily making everyone chuckle at her. Grayson said in a gentle tone for the first he neverย  used with anyone after Levi: "So Dimples, I'm Grayson Denver Black, your second eldest brother"

She blinked at him and took in his appearance slowly. He is wearing black sweatpants and no shirt. He is sitting there half-naked with his chest and shoulder tattoos full of display for her precious eyes. She whispered: "You no cold?"

He said smirking at her: "I'm too hot to get cold Dimples"

She furrowed her eyebrows: "Hot?"

Luciano said shaking his head and glaring at Grayson: "You wouldn't say this word, princess. It's a bad bad word"

She said with wide eyes: "a bad bad word"

He said nodding at her: "Yes and good princesses don't say bad bad words right?"

She nods quickly saying: "I am a good princess. No bad bad words yes"

Levi giggled covering his mouth at Luciano's scared face when she said hot and Dimitri smirked: "Babyface, say Fuck"

She scrunched up her tiny nose and mumbled: "fu"

Luciano quickly covered her mouth and she blinked up at him with her wide eyes as her whole face us covered with his hand except her eyes. Dimitri laughed at how adorable she looked like this and Levi rolled his eyes at their youngest son. Luciano said pulling his hand back: "Princess, this is also a bad bad word so no"

She nodded seriously and then said cutely to Dimitri rubbing her nose: "You no say a bad bad word, Mister"

Dimitri said chuckling and pinching her cheeks: "My bad sorry. You are adorable"

She said giggling: "You cute"

Dimitri looked at her with a cute shocked face saying: "but you are cutest"

She giggled and Luciano kissed her forehead. Levi smiled and hold her hand making her look at their holding hands. She looked back at Levi's smiling face and held her hand tightly when she realise he wouldn't hurt her. Luciano leaned against the couch happy with his happy family.

Then he look at the man who called her by her middle name and said with an emotionless face: "Dominic Rico Black"

She smiled at him and his heart melted like a puddle at how sweet her smile is. He said smirking getting up and walking upstairs: "I'm glad you are back Ivy"

She blinked mumbling to herself: "Back?"

She shrugged when another one who looked exactly like Dominic said in a monotone: "Quinn Kaden Black"

She said with a wide open mouth and eyes: "You same Mister Dominic"

Quinn clenched his jaw and almost growled: "We just look the same. We are twins and I hate it"

Lilah flinched and her hold on Levi's hand tightened. Levi looks at Quinn with a look that says: "you don't want her to be scared of you"

Quinn took a shaky breath and said looking at her: "Lilah?"

She slowly looked up at him with scared eyes. He said with a sigh: "I will never hurt you. I just sometimes lose control. Forget it. I apologize for my behavior. And I'm not good with kids so"

She asked softly when he was about to get up: "What happened?"

He was taken off guard at her question. Mostly everyone asks him just one question why he is being so dramatic with all this? Why he is always so angry? Why does he hate his twin brother? But her question is totally different from others. He thought a bit and answered: "Maybe because he is better than me at everything. I'm always his shadow to everyone outside. They just want me to be like him and"

Luciano said shaking his head: "Kaden, you are best"

Quinn said shrugging: "For you Dad and Papa but outside. They just want me to be like him, and"

Lilah whispered softly: "But you good in your way"

He looked at her and she said with a frown: "I no like other babies. He said, I small, weak and I no speak till 2 years old but Uncle Ricardo says, in small but smart and learn things easily. I'm strong mentally, I no know what its means"

Quinn's heart melted like a puddle at what she said. He walked towards her and kissed her forehead saying: "I will remember it and you are the strongest girl, Lilah, don't forget it"

She smiled at him and he walked out of the house. She turns towards the boy who had a scar on his left cheek when he said with a playful smile: "I'm Tristan Iris Black and I will be your favorite"

Dimitri said pushing him a bit: "Hey, I'm Dimitri Finn Black, youngest and I will be your favorite not this stupid"

Tristan said glaring at him: "Shut up, let her get used to my presence. Babe look at me"

She looked at him and before she could take in his appearance,ย  Dimitri said smiling brightly: "I will share my favorite pizza with you"

Tristan smirked: "Iย  will give you my favorite clothes, I don't share my clothes with anyone"

She blinked confused while they bicker back and forth. Luciano rolled his eyes and got up with his little princess in his arms and said smiling: "let's get you cleaned up yes"

Levi also walked behind him while the youngest two boys bickering over their baby sister. Lilah is looking around the big place and they walked upstairs to Luciano and Levi's room. Lilah looked at the beautiful grey and baby blue colored theme room. Levi said smiling brightly: "Do you like the room, baby?"

Lilah nod eagerly with a happy face making them smile when Luciano said looking at his husband: "Love, have some rest. I will help her bath and clean up"

Levi said shaking his head: "No, I'm also helping my baby. She needs to wash her hair properly and also needs to cut down her nails and cleaned them up. I'm good at this"

Luciano sighed then said simply sitting Lilah on the bed: "Take care of her, I will fill the bathtub"

Levi said with a huge smile: "Gladly. I will make her wear the sweater I make for Dimitri but he didn't like the color"

Luciano said chuckling: "Because Love, you make girls design"

Levi pouted laying down on the bed with his head near Lilah's legs: "I learn it in a whole month through YouTube and find it, it's for a girl at the end"

Luciano shook his head at her and Lilah giggled at them. Lilah's tiny fingers touched Levi's hair while Luciano walked inside the room pulling his sleeves up to his elbows. Lilah said touching his hair: "Soft"

Levi said smiling getting on his elbows to look at her: "Oh don't worry, I will make your hair so soft and smooth like them"

Lilah asked touching her frizzy, knotted, and dirty hair: "smell?"

He said smiling at him lovingly: "Oh they will smell so nice. That coconut and chocolates smell like one shampoo I ordered for kids. I already asked someone to bring some of Dimitri's old clothes. We gonna find pants for you"

He asked while writing down things in his notes on the phone: "And bubbles oh yes, you will love them"

Lilah just listened to him talk and then Levi said getting up: "We have to cut your nails yes"

He grabbed the nail cutter to firm the side drawer and said smiling: "c'mon baby"

Lilah stared at him with wide eyes when she saw the nail cutter in his hands and moved back. Levi is busy fixing the cutter to notice her and she sobbed quietly as tears rolled down her cheeks: "Hurt"

Levi looked up at him confused and asked: "Baby? Is anything paining?"

Lilah shook her head and sobbed harder now: "You hurt?"

Levi saw her eyes at the nail cutter and said quickly: "oh God,ย  don't tell me they hurt you with this"

She is crying hysterically while snuggling into the headboard hiding her hands behind: "No no, please.ย  Hurt"

Luciano came from the washroom and saw an almost-on-the-verge-of-crying Levi and a sobbing Lilah. He walked towards Lilah and picked her up. She protested a little but he held her tightly to his chest rubbing her back in a comforting manner. Levi said with a worried face: "I didn't mean to scare her"

Luciano said gently: "Love, I know. You will never do this. You don't need to explain me anything"

Levi slowly nodded and Luciani asked a little bit calmed down Lilah: "shh princess. Tell Daddy what scares you so much?"

She points towards the nail cutter still in Levi's hands and hides her face back in the crook of his neck. He rubbed her back and said gently: "it would be hurt, I promise. See I will show you"

Luciani extends his hand to Levi who trimmed one of his nails while Lilah watches him carefully and cautiously ready to pull her daddy's hand if it's hurt him. Luciano said smiling: "It wouldn't hurt"

Lilah blinked and asked: "no hurt?"

Luciano said kissing her cheek: "Never princess. We will never hurt you"

Lilah nod slowly and Levi asked: "Can I?"

Lilah is still cautious about it but gave up and slowly extends her tiny hand to Levi. Levi gently touched her hand making her flinch a little bit then slowly calmed down when he rubbed his thumb over her tiny hand. He extra carefully trims one of her nails and waits for her reaction. Lilah blinked but mumbled touching that finger: "no hurt"

Levi said smiling: "see I told you"

Lilah nodded and extended his hand back to him making Levi and Luciano both smile proudly at her. Luciano kissed her forehead whispering: "brave princess"

Lilah smiled at him and Levi said shaking his head: "let's take this to the washroom"

Luciano looked at Levi and then smirked at him while Levi looked at him confused for a second then glared at him: "Oh God,ย  keep your thoughts innocent Luci. We have baby ears"

Luciano shrugged his shoulders with a smile and walked inside the washroom.ย  Lilah looked at the beautiful white washroom with a big glass door towards the shower and huge bathtub which is filled with water. Levi said looking at his husband: "sit down"

Luciano sat down on the close lid toilet seat and held Lilah in his lap carefully. Levi smiled at Lilah and kneeled in front of them. Luciano looked at his husband on his knees as his eyes turn darker. He smirked: "You look good in this position but I will prefer more on hands and knees you know love"

Levi gulped at his tone and Lilah looked between them confused then mumbled: "Papa and Daddy weird"

Levi laughed at her and Luciano just chuckled lowly: "We surely are weird"

Levi carefully trimmed her bail keeping an eye on her reaction. She flinches at each nail but still keeps herself brave and held Luciano's hand tightly in her tiny ones. Levi cleaned up her hand and leg nails. Luciano asked carefully after they are done: "Princess, I'm going to remove this shirt okay? We have to bath you"

Lilah looked at him with wide eyes but slowly nod trusting them. They didn't hurt so she trust her heart which is telling her to let them in and trust them. Lilah trusts them and she will give it a try. Luciano smiled and kissed her forehead then unbuttoned the shirt slowly. Lilah closed her eyes waiting for getting hit but it never came.

Levi's eyes filled with tears looking at her body filled with so many scars and some new bruises. Luciano's jaw clenched hard and filled with tears but he blinked them away. Levi sobbed covering his mouth while Luciano hugged him still keeping one hand on Lilah's lap who is playing auth his fingers. She asked pouting: "why Papa cry?"

Luciano said smiling at her: "Papa just sad princess?"

Lilah said shrugging: "No cry, please. I no like Papa cry and sad"

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Luciano asked trying to change the subject: "Would you like to stay with Aries after a bath? Papa and Daddy had some work. Just for a little time"

Lilah said with a happy smile: "Mister Aries nice. Yes yes so pretty"

Levi chuckled wiping his tears: "Nice Aries sure"

Luciano laughed at his husband's statement and Lilah looked at them confused. Luciano and Levi gave her a long warm bath. They have to change the water at least four times to clean all the dirt and dry blood. Levi shampooed her hair around three times to get all the dirt out.

Now she is all clean and fresh. She is feeling so light and smells nice. She is giggling wrapped in a fluffy blanket. Levi made her wear the sweater he made and some old pants from Dimitri, from childhood which are big on her but fine for now. Levi said putting the hair dryer down and tickling her side: "all good now"

Lilah looked at herself in the mirror and smiled brightly as her golden brown hair are again shiny like before. Her skin is all soft and clean. She did a twirl and giggled: "thank you thank you thank you, papa, daddy"

Luciano and Levi said together: "you don't need to princess, baby"

Lilah smiled happily touching her hair, face, and clothes again and again. She couldn't believe her eyes. Luciano said smiling: "C'mon princess, let's get you to Aries"

She nodded and made grabby hands quickly. Levi asked hopefully: "Can I pick you, baby?"

He didn't try to hold her before as she wasn't comfortable but he also wanted to hold her in his arms even for a small walk to Aries's room. She nodded happily and Levi smiled so big then picked her up in his arms carefully keeping his hold gentle but still firm. Luciano smiled at them and kissed both of their foreheads one by one.

They walked towards Aries's room and knocked. She is staring at the black door when they hear a voice: "Come in"

Aries opened the door after a few seconds with a scowl on his face. Lilah shyly waved at him making him smirk in return then he asked leaning against the doorframe: "Why are you guys here?"

Levi said smiling at him: "Well we are going to have that talk with boys so you need to take care of your baby sister"

Aries said shrugging: "Fine"

Levi said smiling: "okay great"

Luciano said blankly: "don't fuck up"

Aries rolled his eyes and held his arms to Lilah who quickly throw herself in him making him almost crack a smile but he didn't.ย  Aries whispered in the ear so only she can hear him: "Careful, My Angel"

(A/N: Aries is just ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿฅต)

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