Chapter Six

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Third-person pov:

Lilah is now sitting in Luciano's lap in the car with Levi right next to them. Levi took his medicines which Luciano got with him already knowing his lovely husband will forget them. Levi always forgets to take his medicines so all their kids and Luciano take care of it and ask him if he took his medicines on time.

Now Levi is asleep with his head in his husband's lap on his left thigh and Lilah is sitting on his right thigh. Luciano doesn't care as long as his family is happy. Luciano saw his princess looking all nervous and scared. He knows what she is thinking looking at her face but he still asks looking down at her: "Princess?"

She immediately looked up flinching a bit as she was too lost in her thoughts: "Uh Huh?"

Luciano smiled at his beautiful grey eyes exactly like his dark ones just his are mostly in a dark shade and hers are in a lighter shade, they shine like silver in light as they are doing right now with the sunlight. He gets memorized by her eyes. They are so beautiful and full of innocence and life. Even though she goes to shit but her eyes still shine with kindness.

He asked caressing her cheek: "What are you thinking so deeply?"

She blinked the mumbled playing with her fingers: "I fratelli non mi piacerebbero (brothers wouldn't like me)"

His eyes widened slightly and he asked turning her around so she can face him: "You speak Italian. You are fluent in Italian"

She said frowning: "Lo zio Ricardo mi ha insegnato l'italiano quando ero un bambino dicendo che ho bisogno di imparare la mia lingua madre. Non so cosa significhi. Ho imparato l'inglese per alcuni mesi fa (Uncle Ricardo taught me Italian when I was a baby saying I need to learn my mother tongue. I don't know what it's mean. I have been learning English for a few months back)"

(A/N: My baby is so smart. I'm so proud of you Lilah)

He furrowed his eyebrows and asked: "Chi è Ricardo? (Who is Ricardo?)"

She said shrugging: "no know"

He said pecking her cheek: "It's fine. You can speak Italian when you meet your brothers they will be so happy"

She said pouting: "Brothers no like me"

He said with a soft chuckle gently massaging his husband's head when he moved in his lap to find a comfortable position: "They gonna be whipped as soon as he sees you. They will spoil. You gonna be their precious girl"

She soaked up his words in his tony brain but didn't get her hopes high because it always hurt her. Only her uncle Ricardo was a nice man to her and he killed him right in front of her. She saw his blood flowing from his body on the dirty basement floor. She was shaking badly alone with his dead body in front of her crying her heart out.

She was so scared to move and check on him. She kept on calling him over and over again every few minutes but he never woke up. They buried his cold dead body in the backyard of the orphanage. She saw all this happening right in front of her. She was so scared of all this that she stopped talking.

(A/N: Lilah suffered a lot but I promise she is going to have the bestest family and only happiness from now on😊👍)

She recently start talking two months back when he beat her to almost death when she didn't reply to him when he asked her something. She started talking again cause she knew he would hurt her more if she didn't reply to him. He taught her English cause he never understand Italian so she can reply to him in English. And his way of teaching wasn't such a good experience for her.

Lilah realizes that she and Levi are both on him so she mumbled trying to move: "your leg hurt Daddy"

Luciano's heart melted at her cute worried face for him and he kissed the top of her head: "I'm good, princess. And you are not actually heavy and daddy is so strong"

She giggled a bit and said with a serious face: "you sleep, Daddy?"

He said shaking his head: "No princess, I love watching my princess and my husband sleepily peacefully"

Lilah nodded slowly and looked at Levi who had a bit of drool on the corner of his mouth and his lips slightly parted. She said gently touching his hair: "Papa pretty"

Luciano looked at his husband's cute face and wiped the drool from his mouth and said smiling: "he is the most beautiful man in the whole world for me"

He turn towards her and said kissing her head: "and you are and you will forever be the most beautiful girl in the whole world for me"

She smiled brightly making Lucian smile at her cute face when the driver said with a scared face: "il pardino (Godfather), Capo is here"

Luciano rolled his eyes and said coldly: "keep going"

Lilah noticed the beautiful big metal gate as the few guards are outside the guard and two guards inside opened the big gate. The car drive inside the big driveway towards the beautiful mansion. There is a huge fountain there and a few birds are sitting at the edges drinking water from the fountain.

There is a huge garden on both sides of the house and going towards the back. She would love to see the back side of the house. She saw four cars and two black bikes parked around the house looking so magnificent in her eyes, all new and so amazing with different styles. One of them is a black and golden sports car which gets all her attention. She wants to touch it and sit inside this beautiful car but she knows she would never get the chance to do so.

Lilah didn't realize that the car stopped in front of the house and Luciano gently shook his husband's shoulder: "Love, we are home?"

Levi winced and threw his hand away then snuggled more into his thigh whispering: "ten more minutes, Luci"

Luciano rolled his eyes and Lilah blinked at them with wide eyes as Luciano had an amused expression on his face. Lilah pouted: "Daddy no angry. Papa no wakey"

Luciano said shaking his head: "Why will I be a princess? Your papa is a bit difficult to wake up and it's fine"

She slowly nod remembering when she didn't wake up on one call, how he throw ice water or hot water on her. She shrugged off those thoughts and is trying to focus on the beautiful house. Levi started to wake up and pouted looking around and rubbing his eyes: "Why is everything so bright?"

He looked at Luciano and giggled half asleep: "Oh hey Luci, you home early. Let sleep again"

Luciano rolled his eyes and Levi laughed yawning: "Oops, it's afternoon. Oh hey, baby. Sorry, I fell asleep. How are you? Did you sleep? I fall asleep on you Luci. I didn't realize when I fell asleep and"

Lilah looked at him blinking cutely when Luciano whispered to her: "Don't worry. He rambled when he didn't get a full sleep. He will be fine in a few minutes"

Lilah stared at Levi talking about not knowing what things when Luciano said gently to him: "Love, C'mon we have to introduce the princess to boys"

Levi smiled brightly and Luciano wipes the corner of his mouth making him turn pink and Lilah giggled: "pink papa"

Levi blushed more and Luciano smirked at him and hopped off the car with Lilah in his arms only to realize his five youngest sons are there except Aries. He knows one thing Aries is super angry right now. He is so possessive of Levi and he hates seeing him in pain or crying because of anyone.

And the last thing he is worried about is Aries's hate for kids and most importantly girls. He just hoped he didn't say anything about Lilah.

(A/N: mhm Hot Aries hating kids? But you can't hate our little Lilah. 🔪🥊🤨)

Luciano helped Levi out of the car. Whatever it is Lyciano doesn't like anyone else opening the door for his husband when he is with him so none of their guards or drivers open the door for Levi when Luciano is next to him. Levi smiled at him and kissed his bicep: "Everything will be fine Luci. I know you are worried about Aries"

Luciano nodded and said gently to Lilah: "Princess don't be scared. We are right here. Daddy wouldn't let anyone hurt you okay"

Lilah hides his face in the crook of his neck looking at all the guards and five scary-looking men staring at them with dark eyes and clenched jaws which mean anger. And when someone is angry, only she gets hurt. She is trying her best to keep herself hidden in Luciano's big arms.

Levi said smiling at them: "babies, c'mon let's get inside"

The man with a small cut on his eyebrow said through gritted teeth: "Pops, who is this?"

Levi said sternly leaving no room for argument: "I said get inside Grayson"

(A/N: Levi is hawt 🤭)

Grayson gulped at his stern tone and took a step back and let Levi walk inside as he followed him with Luciano behind them. The other four also followed them. They looked at each other then Lilah. Lilah took a sneak peek at them but quickly averted her gaze when she made eye contact with them and hid her face more into Luciano's neck ago rubbed her back softly.

Grayson asked looking at Levi: "Pops, you took your medicines?"

Levi said with a small smile: "yes grey"

Grayson nods at him and they walked inside the living where they saw Aries sitting on the big single couch leaning against the back with his upper arm over his face as he is looking deep in his thoughts. Before anyone could say anything, Aries snapped his fingers, and their maid Elijah walked from the kitchen with a tray. He is having a glass of some juice and two other glasses of water.

Elijah served the juice to Levi who looked at him and Elijah pointed toward Aries saying: "Capo informed me, you are dizzy so you need some good juice"

Levi smiled and said: "thanks Elijah"

Luciano sat with Lilah in his lap and Levi next to him. Levi asked taking a sip from the glass: "You were in a meeting right Aries?"

Aries said through gritted teeth still not removing his arm from his face: "I had my eyes Everywhere papà. Don't think I wouldn't know what you were doing at that orphanage than the restaurant and you adopt a kid, a girl I must say"

Dimitri jumped into the conversation: "Woah, woah, wait a second guys. You adopt a freaking kid. Why? Papa, we are looking for her. We will soon find her and"

Luciano said coldly: "Can you guys keep quiet and let us explain?"

Dimitri said pouting: "But dad?"

Aries said making all of their eyes turn toward him: "She is her. She is the one we are looking for all those years"

Lilah is now having some trouble in breathing properly and gasping for air with all these loud and scary noises. Their voices are mostly cold and dark. Luciano groaned and get up walking away from them. Luciano rubbed her back and rocked her back and forth saying sweet nothing in her ear.

After a few minutes, she calmed down with tears running down her cheeks. Luciano wiped her face and said gently: "Daddy wouldn't let anyone hurt you, princess. I promise"

She sniffed and mumbled: "scary"

He said caressing her cheek: "shh daddy is here. They are your brothers and I promise they would never hurt you"

She slowly nods and he said smiling a bit: "we are going back and introducing you to them yes"

She nod again and he kissed her cheek. They walked back to everyone and Luciano sat down with Lilah in his lap. She is looking down at her lap playing with Luciano's fingers and tracing her hands over his tattoos. Luciano said coldly: "Boys, she is Lilah Ivy Black, Our daughter and yes she is the one we are looking for. About other things, I will inform you later tonight"

They all nod and she slowly peeked a bit at them and they all cooed at how adorable she is looking blinking her eyes. The one with light grey eyes and jet-black long hair went to the end of his neck with a small section of his front hair falling over his forehead. He said with a smirk: "So Ivy mhm?"

Lilah gulped and blinked twice at him then nod slowly confirming it was her. He chuckled darkly raising one of his perfectly arched eyebrows: "Carina (Cute)"

She looked at him with a bit of narrowed eyes. As he is wearing a black turtle neck with some ripped jeans. She saw clearly see the outlines of his big bicep and broad shoulders. His sleeves are pulled up to his elbows and he had so many tattoos on his left hand. While his right hand is totally empty.

There is nothing on his right hand just a bracelet which she realized all of them had just in different colors pearls and beads even Luciano and Levi had them. She was staring at him for too long and he smirked playfully: "Ivy, you have all life now to stare at me. I wouldn't mind"

She blinked then turned a bit pink making them chuckle lowly at her cuteness while she hide her face in Luciano's lower chest. He rubbed his back when Dimitri piped in with a scrunched-up face: "But why she is so dirty? Even smelling a bit"

Lilah picked up her shirt and smelled it a bit pouting when she realise how bad she smell. She frowned thinking why Luciano and Levi are still holding her all the time when she is so dirty and even stinks badly. She remembers people at the restaurant scrunching their noses up when they passed them now she knows why.

Luciano glared at him and others also did the same except Levi who knew Dimitri didn't mean to offend her or make her feel bad so he nod at him. Dimitri said softly this time: "Hey Lilah, I didn't mean it in a bad way. You still look so, beautiful. The most beautiful girl I ever saw. I was just curious to know why you are dirty"

Lilah looked up at him and shrugged slowly making Dimitri sigh feeling bad for hurting her feelings. Levi gave him a small nod and smiled making him smile back at him. Lilah takes in his appearance as he is wearing a loose shirt and shorts and his shoes are dirty with mud.

His features are sharp just like others and he also had the same jet-black hair. He had tan golden skin and the body of an athlete. He isn't all bulky like the others but still had muscles and he is the smaller one in all of them but still so tall according to her. She realizes a small cut on his sharp jaw and points towards it.

All of them understand that she is taking in their appearance as some kids have the habit of looking at new people and knowing about them this way. Dimitri's hand touched his jaw and he realized the long-forgotten scar.

He chuckled: "Oh it's an old one. It doesn't hurt now. I am on a football team. It was the last goal when I kicked the ball and another team boy kicked my leg making me fall and I hit my jaw on something sharp there. It was a broken glass piece. Well we won the match"

She is looking at him with wide eyes and he continues proudly: "And you know later we found out, our opponent team throws that broken piece of glass to hurt our teammates. Recce gets super angry and put that boy in jail and broke his jaw"

She blinked then mumbled: "hurt"

He said shaking his head: "it doesn't hurt now"

She nod softly and Levi said smiling: "Okay boys introduce yourself to your sister"

Then he turns towards Aries and said a little sternly: "oldest to youngest"

They all look at Aries cause he hates kids and especially girls. They all waited for him to look at them as he still had his arm over his eyes. Lilah is also looking at him and taking on his appearance. He is wearing a black shirt and black pants. The first few buttons are open and his sleeves are folded to his elbows.

He had a few rings around his fingers with tattoos on his both hands and white and purple pearls and beads bracelet looking a bit odd on his brown tan skin. She is staring at him when he slowly pulled his arm away from his face. He sat up straight and they all looked at each other thinking what his reaction will be to Lilah.

She gulped hard at his dark green eyes looking back at her grey ones. His sharp jaw is clenched hard while his dark green eyes are staring at her. His eyes show nothing but emptiness and darkness inside. She blinked thrice at him and he suddenly got up and walked towards her.

Even though he is scary in her eyes, she couldn't avert her eyes away from his dark ones. She didn't know him and he is the scariest person she ever meets. His eyes show nothing but there is a feeling inside her, (possessive-ness) she didn't want his dark eyes to look at someone else, but only her.

Aries stopped right in front of her then bent down a little to come face to face with her. His hand touched her cheek with the back of his hand and said coldly: "Aries Reece black"

She blinked and he leaned down to kiss her forehead: "Ο άγγελός μου"

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