Chapter Five

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Third-person pov:

Luciano hopped off the car with Lilah still in his arms with a hard look on his face. Lilah is wearing an old dirty man shirt with underwear. Her golden brown hair had knots in them and they are so dirty. She is looking around with big wide eyes at the beautiful restaurant.

She has never been to this place. Actually, she has never been anywhere except going to bring him a beer sometimes. It's not far from the orphanage. She looked at the people walking inside or coming outside the restaurant wearing clean and nice outfits.

She frowned looking at Luciano's suit and Levi's outfits all clean and good. Luciano walked towards his husband and held the door open for him. Levi unbuckled himself and Luciano extend his hand to him to hold and get off. He is still feeling a bit dizzy.

Luciano wrapped his arms around his husband while his other hand was holding his daughter securely to him. Levi smiled at Lilah who looked down pouting. Lilah wiggled in Luciano's arms to get down but Levi put a hand around her small waist asking: "Baby, what happened?"

Luciano said in his usual tone still trying to be as gentle as he can outside: "Princess, you can't walk you know"

She sniffled and Levi asked carefully: "Baby, it's fine if you don't wanna go in there. We can go to some other place to eat"

Luciano nods and agrees with his husband: "Yes princess. You don't like this place?"

Lilah said wiping her nose with her sleeves: "I dirty. No pretty"

Luciano's heart clenched painfully at her statement.ย  Levi couldn't hear her because Lilah almost whispered these words to Luciano. He looked around and saw all the people then sighed: "Princess, you are more beautiful"

He looked at his husband who is looking at him with raised eyebrows and Luciano continue: "than any other girl in this whole world. My beautiful princess"

Levi giggled at his husband then kissed his jaw standing on his tiptoes. Luciano sighed and said gently to his princess: "and about being dirty, we will give you a nice warm bath when we go home"

Lilah asked blinking cutely: "You no disgust me"

Levi said smiling at her: "You are our kid, our daughter. How can we disgust you?"

Lilah blinked and a small smile tugged on her lips. Luciano asked carefully: "You good now princess?"

Lilah gave him a single nod and Levi said smiling: "c'mon let's go"

Luciano nodded at both of them then they walked toward the entrance of the restaurant.ย  The man at the entrance bowed at them and opened the door for them. He looked at Lilah with narrowed eyes but quickly averted his gaze when Luciano glared at him. Levi internally giggled at his scared face and snuggled more into Luciano's side.

Levi whispers to his husband: "Well I can tell for sure, you will be her favorite"

Luciano looked at Lilah hiding her face in the crook of his neck and looking around the place with big eyes, her hands wrapped around his neck. Luciano smirked proudly: "I hope you wouldn't be jealous, as all our shitty boys love you more than me"

Levi glared at him when he said mean words for their babies then said shaking his head: "I'm happy. Because I know how always want a daughter"

Luciano gave him a gentle kiss on the side of his head and Lilah looked at them with wide eyes. They are now in a private space in the restaurant. Levi owned this restaurant and many more restaurants around the world as he loves cooking and learning new things.

Luciano pulled a chair for Levi and he sat down on the chair smiling at him. Luciano sat down next to him with Lilah in his lap. Levi called out to the waiter pressing a small buzzer at the table. A man walked inside the room and asked bowing: "Your server will be here, Boss"

Levi said looking at Lilah: "A high chair"

Luciano said staring at him with dark eyes: "And clean it before you get it"

He said nodding and looking at Lilah from the corner of his eyes who is hiding her face in Luciano's lower chest: "Sure Boss"

He walked out of the room and Levi said wiggling his eyebrows: "being protective,ย  I see"

Luciano said rolling his eyes: "I don't want any germs to get my princess"

Levi smiled at them and asked looking at Lilah: "So baby, what would you like to have?"

Lilah looked at him then blinked mumbling: "Huh?"

Levi looked at Luciano with furrowed eyebrows who grabbed her jaw and made her look at him then asked: "Princess,ย  what you wanna eat?"

Lilah said with a frown on her pretty face: "eat? But I eat two days night?"

Luciano's jaw clenched and he asked to confirm if he understood her properly: "You mean you eat two days back at night"

She gave him a nod and Levi had tears in his eyes after knowing they starved their kid. He whispered to himself: "How can they do this to a kid?"

Luciano said with a clenched jaw where anger is totally visible in his dark eyes: "You will have to eat every day three meals. And you can eat anytime you feel hungry"

She blinked and asked wide eyes: "Any?"

She quickly cut herself off when the door opened and the same man came with a high chair and sat it right next to Luciano who gave him a blank nod while Levi said smiling at him: "thank you, Max"

Max smiled back at his kind gesture and said: "it's my job Boss"

Levi nod looking at him and then back at his husband who glared at Max. Max hurried out of the room and Levi said shaking his head: "Luci, he is just doing his job"

Lilah asked now peeking a bit: "Eat anytime?"

Levi said clapping his hands together softly leaning on the table: "Yup, baby. Anytime you feel hungry, you can eat"

Luciano gave him a single nod and then turn her around to face him and asked: "Do you wanna sit on that chair?"

Lilah turned to look at the res high chair and blinked them slowly nodding her head yes. Luciano said smiling: "Princess, I know you are a brave girl but you can say no if you don't wanna sit there?"

Lilah thinks a little as they didn't hurt her or even get angry at her. So she whispered so slowly: "No please"

Luciano cupped her face and kissed her cheek: "my beautiful princess,ย  so brave"

Lilah feels proud of herself for saying the word no and smiled at him. Luciano asked grabbing the menu: "So what you wanna have Love?"

Levi started looking through the menu while Luciano opened the other one for Lilah who looked at everything with big confused eyes not knowing what are these things. Luciano and Levi saw her confused face and Levi said smiling brightly: "My baby and I gonna have Pancakes, chocolate pancakes"

Luciano said rolling his eyes: "sure thing"

Levi pressed the buzzer and a man in a waiter outfit walked inside then smiled: "Hello sir, my name is Kenny. I'm your server for today. What would you like to have?"

Luciano cleared his throat making the man turn towards him and he said darkly: "I would have an Omlete with a black coffee extra strong one. Two plates of chocolate pancakes, one latte, and one chocolate shake"

He wrote down everything and said smiling walking out of the room: "It will be here in 10-15 minutes"

Luciano rolled his eyes and Levi said smiling kissing his cheek: "Luci, you know my eyes are only for you"

Luciano said possessively: "They better be"

Levi laughed at his husband and Lilah said with wide eyes: "You kiss Daddy?"

Luciano's heart melted right away and Levi's eyes filled with happiness when she called Luciano daddy. All of their kids first call Levi Papa after 7 months they accept Luciano as their dad and start calling him Dad. Luciano was more than happy that day but today he is out of the world with his happiness. He feels like a high school boy with his crush for the time, they talked.

Carlos is Luciano's best friend from the day they were born. They went to the same school, the same college. Even if they go married on the same day. Carlo had five sons and Luciano always treated them like his own. Carlos's wife was pregnant with their sixth son Dimitri when some of Luciano's enemies attack them. Carlos protected Levi and died there and his wife get into labor pain at the same time.

She was so stressed and not in a condition to give birth after her husband's death. The doctors tried their best to save both mom and son but only their son survived. She died and Luciano and Carlos promised each other if someday something happened to any of them then the other one will take care of their family. Luciano doesn't want his best friend's kid to suffer through this stupid foster system so he adopts them without any trouble with his power and money.

Aries was just 13 when it happened, the only mature enough among his brothers to know what was happening around him. Even though his father died protecting Levi, he never blames Levi or Luciano for it knowing Luciano and Carlos are mean to each other. They can die for each other and that's what his father did. Luciano killed every one of them who was responsible for his best friend's death.

Grayson was just 10 and he didn't understand what was happening around them and why his parents suddenly vanished. Dimitri was one day old and he need a mother. Aries was a bit cautious about letting Levi near his younger sibling. He saw Levi and Luciano as the most dangerous people around. They never had good interaction as Luciano isn't good with kids and Levi didn't meet them enough because they live in Italy and Carlos was in America.

Aries tried to take care of his younger brother and other brothers even though Levi was trying his best to get warm up to them and gave them good care and love. A love of parents they lost. Slowly the younger ones start liking Levi and warm up with them. Aries and Grayson are the only ones who remember their father and mother.

Yes, they call them mother and father, and Levi and Luciano are Mom and Dad. Even though they gave birth to them but Luciano and Levi gave them a new life otherwise they are their brothers in different places, going through don't know which things.

Slowly they start calling Levi Papa as Dimitri called him Papa as his first word ever. So all of them call them Papa and Dad. Aries was the one who called Luciano Dad when he was 16 and got into a really big fight at school. He beat a kid who said some bad things about his dad and Papa. Even though he didn't call Luciano dad at that time, he still sees him as one in his heart.

That boy almost died when teachers pulled away an angry Aries away from him. Aries was so worried not about himself but about his brothers. He was thinking that Luciano will throw him out of the house, and their family. He always gets into trouble and because of that, he got suspended from so many schools.

He was ready to leave the house if that's what Luciano wanted him to do cause he knew he was only creating problems for them but he doesn't want his brothers to face anything because of him. He was having trouble controlling his anger after their parent's death. But Luciano came to their school and talk to them. He didn't say a single word to him.

They were in the car when Luciano grabbed a small first-aid box from the backseat which he keep from the very first day Aries fight at school.


Luciano carefully grabbed his hand and pour some disinfectant on the cotton and told him: "it will sting a bit"

Aries whispered hissing when the cotton touched his bloody knuckles: "Are you angry, Luciano?"

Luciano said shaking his head: "I'm not Reece"

Aries said slowly keeping his eyes on their hands as he stuttered a bit: "You didn't say anything.ย  You can send me to the or-ph-an-age. I know m a trouble and"

Luciano glared at him: "I'm never sending you away from me, from us. Whatever it is, your my kid, my son. I know you don't see me as your father but for me you are always my son, my eldest son Aries Reece Black"

Aries's eyes filled with tears and he said sniffling: "I'm sorry Dad"

Luciano hummed quietly but looked up when he realise what he just call him. He asked shocked: "What you just said?"

Aries said quietly: "Dad?"

Luciano said with a small smile on his lips almost invisible: "Yes I'm your dad and you are my son. Do you understand? I'm never sending you away Reece. Never think about it"

Aries think a little bit and Luciano try to find a bandage from the small box when Aries throws himself on him and hugged him tightly: "You are my dad. Yes just like everyone else have. I have a dad. My dad"

He sobbed in the crook of Luciano who just rubbed his face and whispered to him: "Yes I'm your dad and I will never let you go"

(A/N: this was the first and last time, Luciano and Aries hugged each other ๐Ÿ˜Š)

Flashback ended:

Levi laughed at Lilah's reaction to him kissing his husband and asked: "Yes baby,ย  you can also kiss him. He is your daddy right"

Levi put more pressure on the word daddy making Luciano glare at him and Levi laughed again. Lilah asked: "You kiss why?"

Levi furrowed his eyebrows thinking of a way to explain it to her when Luciano smiled: "It's a way to show your love to people but"

He said caressing her cheek: "But you will only kiss family no one else from outside. It's bad"

Lilah nod seriously and gave him a thumbs up making them chuckle at her cuteness. Lilah smiled a bit then the server came inside with their food. He put all the things on the table and then said smiling bowing down a bit: "Anything else Sir?"

Levi said shaking his head: "no thanks"

He smiled walking back: "I hope you enjoy your breakfast"

Levi nod back at him while Luciano glared at him and then walked outside the room. Lilah looked at the pancakes in front of her and licked her lips. Luciano smiled at her and then said gently: "okay princess, I'm going to feed you yes"

She blinked at him and then asked: "You? I eat always"

He said smiling: "From now on, I will feed my precious princess myself"

She blinked and her eyes filled with tears as no one cared about her. She eats herself messily always and gets punished for messy eating. He said wiping her tears: "Princess, please don't cry. I don't like it when you cry"

She wiped her eyes and running nose with her sleeves making Luciano scrunched up his nose. She said scrunching her nose up: "sorry"

He said pecking her forehead: "it's fine"

He grabbed a few tissues from the table and wiped her face. Levi is staring at his husband dreamily leaning on the table. Luciano looked at him and raised one of his perfectly arched dark eyebrows. He chuckled: "My husband is getting all soft and sweet, how cute?"

Luciano rolled his eyes and said turning back to his daughter: "I'm going to sit you on that chair okay"

Lilah blinked and mumbled a quiet: "No please Daddy"

He said smiling at her: "Princess,ย  it's just so I can feed you okay? And see I will keep the chair close and you can hold my hand all the time okay"

Lilah thinks a bit about the offer and nods slowly. Levi clapped his hands happily: "that's our brave baby"

Lilah flinched a little at the loud noise but relaxed when she realise everything is good. She is not in trouble. Luciano carefully sat her on the chair and pulled it more closer to himself then gave his left hand to her. She slowly and cautiously held his forefinger in her tiny hand and Levi's eyes filled with tears when he saw the belt marks over her legs.

Levi said getting up: "I have to use the washroom"

Luciano looked at him and then asked: "Love?"

Levi said cutting him off: "I'm fine"

Luciano looked at his husband then his daughter then back at his husband. He knows something is up with Levi and he needs to go with him but he can't leave his daughter alone here. He can't get him with them as he knows Levi needs time. Luciano said in a stern cold voice: "You will be back in 10 minutes. Take one extra minute and I will be there"

Levi smiled at him and kissed his cheek walking out of the room. Lilah looked at them and Luciano said gently: "Everything is good princess.ย  C'mon, let's fill your tiny tummy right?"

He tickled her stomach with gentle fingers already knowing she had some wounds on her stomach and side as she hissed in pain whenever he held her. She giggled a bit wiggling in the chair making him only chuckle at her cute face. Her giggles are going to be his forever favorite sound with his husband's giggles and moans of course. He rolled his eyes at his inner self.

He slowly cut a small bite piece and held it to her mouth. She eagerly opened her mouth and took the bite making him smile at her. He is a bit worried about his husband so he keeps checking time. He asked smiling at her: "Do you like it?"

She nods happily as her hair bounces around making him realise he needs to ask someone to buy baby things for now. He will go shopping soon to bring her things. He cut another piece and fed her when she asked: "Papa?"

He said looking at his watch: "papa will he be here in a minute princess"

He clenched his jaw when he saw nine minutes already passed. He is about to get up when the door opened and Levi walked inside. He is wearing a bit of makeup right up. He asked leaning his ear when he sat down: "You cried?"

Levi bite his lip and said smiling: "I will tell you at home"

Luciano nodded and kissed his cheek whispering: "you know I don't like to see you in tears"

Levi nodded and Lilah said clapping her hands: "Daddy and Papa cute"

Luciano smiled at her cuteness and how she called Levi papa in front of him. Levi's heart warmed at the word Papa and he smiled brightly at her. Levi raised his hand making her flinch but he try to ignore it and gently pinched her cheek saying: "you are the cutest"

Levi said with a huge smile taking a bit from his chocolate pancakes: "And your brothers gonna love you so much"

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