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Third-person pov:

Lilah is too lost in her thoughts looking at the men who look so much like her. His features are sharp and hard but his eyes are so soft and filled with only love. Is this love for her? Her question. She gulped hard when he suddenly spoke making her pull out of her trance: " Princess?"

She blinked once, twice, and then furrowed her eyebrows asking: "Who?"

Luciano's jaw clenched hard and his eyes darkened. Of course, she doesn't know him. She took a step back at his dark eyes and mumbled looking down: "sorry"

Luciano cursed himself for scaring the poor girl and said after a minute calming his anger: "Princess, I'm Luciano Romeo Black. Your father"

She blinked a few times staring at him with soft confused eyes and mumbled: "New daddy?"

Luciano asked carefully: "Someone adopt you before?"

She nodded slowly and mumbled: "mean daddy"

Luciano's heart clenched at her statement and he said shaking his head: "Forget him. I'm your new daddy yes. I'm nothing like that fuc-man"

She said pouting: "he says good but change"

Luciano said gently extending his hand to her: "I will never change like him, princess. I'm your daddy and I will never hurt you. I will never let anyone even hurt you. I will protect you from this whole world, My beautiful princess"

Lilah hears him talk and thinks about his words. Whatever it is, she doesn't have any choice but go with him if he adopts her. Maybe he will be nice and let her at least see the sun. She just gave him a single nod and he said with a small smile: "I will never break my promise. No one can hurt you from now on"

(A/N: will he be able to keep his promise?šŸ¤«)

Luciano is waiting patiently for her permission to hold her hand extending his hand in front of her. She keeps staring at his hand and after a few minutes of debating with her inner self, she slowly and cautiously slides her tiny hand into his bigger ones.

Luciano's heart melted at her tiny hands in his big ones and he slowly closed his hands around her tiny one but in a soft grip. He noticed how dirty her hands are looking with dirt in her nails. He will ask Levi to clean up her hands and legs with his special massage.

One time he gave Luciano. He wouldn't accept that it was really amazing. Levi gave him a whole spa at home. He didn't like the fact that he had to stay with two pieces of cucumber over his eyes for the whole 20 minutes with some strawberry mask over his face.

As much as it was relaxing and good he couldn't see his husband with cucumbers over his eyes. Even though he took a few peaks at him in between when he wasn't looking. He just didn't like the fact that when Levi is near him and he couksbt hold him. Then at least he has to have him right in front of his eyes.

She started at his big hands which are hiding her tiny hands and a small smile broke on her face at how pretty his hands are looking with those drawings. He noticed a snaked face drawing peeking through the shirt sleeves wrapped around his wrist.

She is so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realize Luciano's stand-up from his kneeling position. She gulped when she saw him standing right next to her at his full 6 ft 5 inches height. She is looking like an ant standing next to him. She starts looking down at the thoughts of him hitting her. She knows one thing she wouldn't survive if he hit her.

She sighed at her thoughts knowing pretty well that he will also get tired of her and behave like everyone else. But the things she is feeling with his presence are something she never feels with someone else. She feels safe and comfortable standing next to him. Her legs are shaking badly at how much beating they took yesterday just because of her coming late at night.

Luciano wants to pick her up but he wasn't sure if she would like it. As much as he wants to tell her he is her real father, he will need to explain to her everything. And she is too little to understand things like that. He will soon explain the things she needs to know just without extra details.

Lilah's legs gave up as soon as she took a step but Luciano was fast enough to hold her. She cried out at the pain in her side when Luciano hold her. Luciano immediately loosened his grip even though his grip was gentle he still hurt her. She sobbed biting her lips trying her best not to make noises as he doesn't like it.

Luciano said in a soft whisper against her ear: "I apologize princess. Did I hold you this tight"

She shook her head in no. She didn't want him to feel bad about something he didn't done. He asked carefully: "Can I see it, princess?"

She immediately backed away from him but couldn't go far away as he is holding her hand. She sobbed quietly: "no please"

He warned her not to tell anyone about this or he will hurt her more. She didn't want to get hurt more. Luciano sighed and said shaking his head: "Okay, calm down. You don't need to show me"

She nod slowly as tears keep flowing from her eyes so she murmured: "sorry"

He said rubbing his temple still holding her hand don't want to let go: "you don't need to say sorry for everything princess"

She scrunched up her nose at the same he did and he couldn't help but coo at how adorable she is looking. He said shaking his head with a serious face: "So princess, I have to pick you as you can't walk"

She thought for a few seconds but gave up after trying to take another step but her whole body shot up in a sharp pain going through the side of her thigh. She huffed and blinked looking up at him. He nods at her and she nods back with the same serious face as her. He almost chuckled at her serious face.

He slowly slides his hands under her armpits and picks her up making her wince in pain but he apologizes as soon as he holds her in his arms carefully. Even though he is holding her in his arms she still just reached his head. He is inside dancing with happiness but keeps his poker face outside.

His eyes catch the shadow of his husband Levi at the door and before he can step inside the dark basement he said in a deadly calm but scary voice: "Love, don't step inside this basement"

Levi huffed and lean against the side wall. Luciano knows how much Levi is scared of the dark basement. He will get panic attacks looking at this place and he also doesn't want his husband to find out how much of a shitty place their daughter was living all those years.

Luciano said looking at her: "Princess, My husband is outside. Don't be scared. He wouldn't hurt you okay"

She looked at him with wide eyes and he said gently: "he loves you already princess"

She blinked but gave him a single nod which make Luciano smile a little. Her hand reached to his cheek and she poked the small forming dimple on his cheek. He shake his head and walked towards the door. Levi quickly stands straight looking at his husband and his heart warmed at his husband holding their daughter in his arms.

Levi's light brown eyes looked at the small girl in front of him. His heart is beating like crazy. He smiled brightly but his heart is also hurting looking at her state. He said smiling widely trying to touch her cheeks: "Hey baby"

Lilah flinched when Levi's hand reached to touch her and hide her face in Luciano's neck. Luciano said gently: "Princess, he is my husband Levi. He wouldn't hurt you I promise"

Lilah slowly turned back to Levi and opened her eyes. She looked at him with soft eyes and Levi said smiling: "I'm your papa"

She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Luciano then whispered to him: "But you daddy?"

Levi looked at them with furrowed eyebrows and asked luciano: "What she is saying, Luci?"

Luciano said shaking his head: "she is just confused about two fathers"

Luciano said gently to her: "c'mon I will explain everything in the car"

Lilah is so tired to say anything so she leaned her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. They walked outside and Levi pulled out his sunglasses from his bag and grinned at Lilah: "Here my baby. The sun is too bright and it will hurt your eyes"

Lilah opened her eyes to look at him and Levi put his favorite pair of sunglasses on her. Lilah blinked and gasped when she saw everything turn dim in a light brown shade. Levi chuckled at the reaction and Luciano held his shades to Levi: "I know you don't like the sun"

Let's heart melt and he once again falls in love with their husband. All the kids around the garden looked at Lilah with wide eyes Because she is not alone or getting hurt by someone. This is the first time she is smiling even a little bit with the two most dangerous men with her. Not only this, they are smiling at her.


Lilah is now sitting in the car in Luciano's lap who is holding her securely to him while she is busy trying to keep her glasses on her nose. Levi is giggling at his cuteness. Luciano is looking at his husband and daughter with soft eyes and a small smile on his lips.

Ezra went to put Sofia in the right place and find her husband. As much as he wants to meet his niece, he wants to find that bastard who hurt her. He can hurt her in the future If he gets the chance and Luciano doesn't want to take risks with her safety.

Levi said smiling brightly: "Okay so As you know I'm Levi. Your papa"

She turns towards him squinting her eyes at him trying to see properly in the brown sunglasses. Levi chuckled and pulled the glasses away saying: "I will borough you a small one"

Lilah's eyes light up and she asked excitedly without even realizing it: "Really?"

Levi said grinning at him with the same excitement: "Yup, I will get you a whole wardrobe of sunglasses. You can wear a new one each day"

Lilah said shaking her head at him: "only one, Mister"

Levi said frowning: "I'm your papa baby"

Lilah said snuggling more into Luciano: "Daddy"

Luciano said making her look up at his face and almost craning her neck: "Princess, sometimes two men can fall in love and get married. We are husbands so according to this we are both your fathers"

Levi nod happily and Lilah said pointing towards Luciano then Levi: "Daddy, Papa"

Luciano nodded at her and Levi grinned: "yes, I'm your papa"

Levi furrowed her eyebrows and hold his head leaning on the window. Luciano put his hand on his knee and asked still holding Lilah: "Love? I told you to have your breakfast and have medicine. You lose so much weight because of that stupid friend of your"

Levi said softly: "I'm sorry"

Luciano sighed and said coldly to the driver: "stop at some restaurant"

The driver said a quick Yes boss and take a right turn. Luciano grabbed a bottle from the side where he always keeps one: "Here drink some water"

Levi nods slowly and takes the water bottle. He took a few gulps of water and leaned against his shoulder. Luciano's rough fingers gently massaged his head while his hand was still holding his princess in a firm grip so she wouldn't get hurt in the car ride.

Lilah is looking at Levi with worried eyes and suddenly asks making both of them look at her with surprise: "Papa hurt?"

(A/N: Lilah is being protective of her papa and Daddy)

Let's hearts melt like puddles at his cute protective little baby. It runs in their blood and nature. Levi smiled at him: "I'm good baby. Just a little weak"

Luciano glared at him saying: "just because you decided to lose some weight just because of her"

Levi pouted at him: "I'm sorry Luci. Please don't be upset"

Luciano said looking at him: "Do you have any idea how much it hurt me to see you that day passed out in the washroom?"

Levi nods slowly feeling bad to hurt his husband like this. He was trying to lose some weight as one of his friends told him he was getting fat and he should try to lose weight. He stopped eating properly only having one meal a day. He gets too weak that one day he passes out in the washroom doing some skincare.

Luciano found him in this condition and his heart broke thinking he lost his love, his husband. Luciano pulled out of his thoughts when Levi said looking at them: "We didn't tell her about her brothers"

Lilah looked up at him at the mention of brothers. She always wants brothers who can play with her, protect her, love her, and care for her. As she saw in the orphanage, a girl came last month with her brother. He always cuddles her, plays with her, and gives her kisses and hugs.

Luciano saw her expression and said in a low tone: "Princess,Ā  you have Six brothers"

She nods and looks down at her lap playing with her fingers then she mumbles to herself so no one can hear her: "Brothers no like me"

(A/N: Will her brothers like her?)

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