Chapter Three

Third-person pov:

Luciano is buttoning up his shirt when his husband walks through the door of the bathroom wearing his pastel pink bathrobe and a small fluffy towel around his head drying his hair. Luciano couldn't help but look at him the same way he looked at him when he saw him entering his office with this cute baby face to threaten him.

Luciano couldn't help but chuckle making Levi look at him with furrowed eyebrows and asked: "what funny?"

Luciano said shaking his head and walking towards him: "Nothing, My Love"

Levi asked pouting: "Then why do you laugh?"

Luciano said cupping his face then pecking his lips: "I just remember the time you found out our grandfather fixing our marriage without your consent and you came to my office to threaten me with a pen and a book"

Levi laughed at the memories and smirked: "What book I had with me at that time? You say you also had attention on me but I know you don't and"

Luciano cut him off: "The name was "It's End with us". You were wearing a white shirt with white pants and a pink and white pearls bracelet which your friend Marco gift you at friendship as you told me. You were also wearing a gold chain with small butterflies around it, it was seven butterflies in total and you were wearing two rings, one on your forefinger and one is your other hand's middle finger but you slide it into your ring before meeting me to let me know that you are already engaged to someone you love but there was no one"

Levi was shocked so Luciano pecked his cheeks while: "Get ready fast, Love. We have to leave"

Levi slowly nod then jumped on him kissing his cheek: 'I love you so much"

Luciano said simply: "I love you more, Love"

Levi smiled happily and rushed to the closet to get ready for the day. Luciano walked towards the bedside table to grab his wallet when he saw Levi's medicines and asked: "Love, you had breakfast?"

Levi said with a pout: "no"

Luciano is about to say something when Levi said grinning coming out of the closet and buttoning up his Lavender color shirt: "I wanna have breakfast with, my baby"

Luciano couldn't say no to that cute puppy eyes so he nodded at his husband. Levi rushed back to the closet to grab his bag and put his watch on. He spray some perfume and rushed to his husband with lip balm in his hands. Luciano slid the pack of medicine into his pocket with a shake of his head when he saw Levi rushing to him with a huge grin on his face.

Luciano scoffed jumping on the bed: "No Love, you are not doing this"

Levi pouted trying to catch him jumping on the bed: "But why?"

Luciano said rolling his eyes and jumping on the other side of the bed holding a pillow for a shield: "because I don't like its taste"

Levi winced: "it will keep your lips soft, pink, and protected from the sun"

Luciano scoffed: "My lips are naturally pink, soft, and protected"

Levi said sniffling now: "I know you don't love me"

Luciano said quickly: "Of Course, I do love you"

Levi said pouting: "then let me do it"

Luciano grumbled walking towards him making Levi grin in victory: "Bene (Fine), do whatever you want"

(A/N: Luciano is so whipped for his husband)


Luciano is driving towards the orphanage with a scowl on his face cause now he had to make up on his face. Well, not makeup of course but for Luciano it's makeup. It's just some moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm which Levi uses daily but Luciano doesn't like it.

Levi likes to wear makeup sometimes only on a few occasions and Luciano doesn't care about it because according to him, he looks perfect with or without makeup. One time, one of the members of their guards said something about boys not wearing makeup, basically commenting on Levi which made Levi upset, and Lucian being the protective and possessive husband, led that mam within a heartbeat.

Levi asked excitedly: "We gonna get her home right? You already arranged everything"

Luciano gave him a glare making him only laugh at his face as it never scare him. Maybe in the first few weeks of their first meeting but after some time he gets to his emotionless face and glares, just like their eldest son who is exactly a copy of Luciano, with no emotions and nothing. But Levi knows he has a soft side and maybe their daughter can bring out his soft side.

Levi said giggling at his husband: "Luci, it's just moisturizer and sunscreen"

Luciano said glaring at him: "I don't like this Merda (Shit)"

Levi giggled pecking the corner of his lips: "Ti amo mio dolce sposo (I love you, my sweet husband)"

Luciano said rolling his eyes: "Ti amo amore mio (I love you, my love)"

Levi smiled but his smile turned into a full grin when they stopped in front of the orphanage. Levi immediately unbuckled his seat belt and humped off the car before Luciano could open the door for him. Luciano clenched his jaw before he can say anything. Levi rushed to Ezra and grinned: "I missed you and"

Luciano slammed the door shut making Levi jumped a bit and look at his husband. Luciano glared at him and Levi walked back to him and mumbled: "scusa (sorry)"

Luciano nods still a bit upset about his husband not letting him open the door for him. Ezra said shaking his head at his possessive friend: "Everything is ready"

Levi smiled brightly: "let's go"

Luciano slowly nods and Levi slowly slides his hand around his husband's palm and quickly intertwined his fingers with his husband. Luciano all jealousy vanished and he looked at their hands and then nod to himself muttering: "Nur meins (Only mine)"

(A/N: Luciano is fluent in many languages so he uses different languages sometimes. I translate them from Google so let me know If anything is wrong)


Luciano and Levi walked inside the orphanage with emotionless faces while looking around the old building. There is a small garden where some children play happily while some children are sitting around the garden talking to each other. Luciano's dark eyes looked around for his little princess but he didn't find her around with the other kids.

Ezra sequel in happiness and mumble to Levi: "Should I adopt a boy?"

Levi asked with raised eyebrows: "Why suddenly?"

Ezra smirked at Luciano: "You have a daughter. I will adopt a boy so we can arrange a marriage for them when they get"

Luciano growled glaring at him: "fuck no. I didn't even have our daughter in my arms and you are talking about her marriage. She isn't marrying anyone anytime soon"

Ezra chuckled at his disgusted face while Levi giggled at his husband's cuteness. Luciano scoffed: "Fuck off"

They walked inside the small hallway when Ezra said blankly: "the office is there"

Luciano saw a woman approach him with a dirty smirk and asked licking her lips: "Mr. Black, I'm Sofia Miller. how can I help you?"

Luciano looked at her and then back at his husband who is glaring at her. He slides his left hand into his pocket and grabbed his husband's waist then pulled him closer saying: "I'm here with my husband Levi Black to adopt someone"

Sofia looks at Levi and then scoffs: "Oh, what age group kid do you want to meet?"

Luciano looked at Ezra who hold out a folder to Sofia. Sofia grab the folder and Ezra said blankly: "Everything is already done. You just have to sign these papers and let her leave with us"

Sofia opened the folder and read out the name and her face paled. He looked at them once more and asked stuttering: "Are you sure, you want Lilith?"

Levi hissed: "Do we look like we are playing around with you here?"

Sofia shook her head and Levi said glaring at him: "Now, where is my kid?"

Sofia gulped and said shaking her head: "I don't know"

Levi rolled his eyes and grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back growling: "Where is my damn Kid, Sofia?"

Sofia looked at Luciano and Ezra then Levi stopped "Stop eye fucking my husband and my friend"

Ezra chuckled: "You rock, boss"

Levi pushed her onto the floor and pulled out his gun looking around so no kid saw him like this. Their guards already send all the kids outside to the garden. Levi pushed the gun to her head while growling: "where is she?"

Sofia stuttered: "In the basement"

Levi's eyes widened and he pushed the gun further into her head and growled: "You keep my daughter in the basement"

Luciano nods at his husband who nods back saying silently that he will deal with her. Luciano went to the basement and opened the door. He took a deep breath feeling nervous for the second time in his life. He slowly stepped inside the dark basement room and took a shaky breath. He looked around and saw a small figure sitting in the corner of the room. His heart melted at the sight of her curling into a ball.

His jaw clenched at her bad condition and he promised himself to punish those who hurt his kid. He never wants her to get hurt, even had a single scratch but here she is suffering just because of that stupid woman who decides to run away with her. He was always thinking she must be happy with her but here she was suffering all those years.

Lilith hears the door open not loudly but softly for the first time. She wanted to look up and check who came cause if it was him, he would start yelling at her or hitting her now but it was not happening. She got some courage and slowly raised her gaze to check. She saw some shiny black shoes and she immediately knew that it was not him.

Is someone here to adopt her?

Will they get her away from here?

Will they let her see flowers and shiny sun outside?

All these questions run inside her tiny head and she slowly looked up at the man in front of her. There is only a little bit of light from the door and she narrowed her eyes to see his features. Her eyes widened at how handsome this man was. His midnight black hair and beautiful grey eyes are making her get lost in them.

He is wearing a black suit and she saw some drawings on his hands and some even peaking from his neck. She squinted her eyes more at his neck but he quickly fixed his shirt in a way to hide his tattoos and not scare his beautiful princess. She keeps staring at him as he is staring back at her with the same curious look as her.

Luciano kneeled in front of the beautiful grey-eyed girl who start looking down and playing with her chubby fingers. Luciano never kneeled in front of anyone in his whole life. He put two fingers under her chin and make her look up at him. Her eyes were wet with tears as she sniffled. He said in his usual cold voice: "Hermosa (beautiful)"

She scrunched her eyebrows in confusion not understanding what he is saying. She is about to rook a step back but he holds her jaw firmly making her flinch a little bit, but the vibes he is giving her are safety and protectiveness. She asked gaining some courage as she is trembling while tilting her head to the left: "Who are you, Mister?"

He said darkly with a smirk dancing on his lips making her only look at him with soft confused eyes: "Te encontrรฉ, mi Bella Princesa. (I found you, my beautiful princess)"

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