Raghavender Singh Chauhan:

Is the King of the biggest Royal family and Godfather of the Indian Mafia, the most dangerous and cruel Mafia in the whole world. He is a ruthless and cold-hearted man outside of his family but a great dad to his kids. He loves cooking but he stopped doing it the day he lost his wife 6 years back while giving birth to their daughter. He is known for his cruelty and ruthless ways in the Mafia. He is a big teddy for his daughter. He is overly possessive and protective of his daughter.

(He is 54 years old)

Yuvraj Singh Chauhan:

Is the first-born prince of the Royal family and the Capo of the Indian Mafia. He is exactly like his father outside the family but he is strict with his brothers and keeps them in control like a father. He is loyal to his husband. His baby sister had the same eye color as his which makes him feel more special as she doesn't carry any of her brother's similarities. He is overly protective and possessive of his baby sister and his husband.

(He is 30 years old)

Aryan Yuvraj Singh Chauhan:

Is the husband of the first-born prince of the Royal family, Yuvraj Singh Chauhan. He belonged to a middle family where he never got treated with respect and love which he always craved for. He is scared of Yuvraj but also respects him a lot. He is a college student with the twins. He wasn't ready for this marriage, he really appreciated his husband and the whole Royal family for his students and career. He is possessive of his husband.

(He is 21 years old)

Ashwin Singh Chauhan:

Is the second-born prince of the royal family and Capo of the German Mafia. He is a general surgeon at the biggest hospital in India. He is best at his work and also a little kind but the biggest cold-hearted bastard to everyone outside his family. He has dark secrets hidden behind his cold walls. He never shows any mercy on his prey. He is protective of their baby sister.

(He is 27 years old)

Akash Singh Chauhan:

Is the third-born prince of the royal family and Capo of the family. He hates his family and the Royalty. He is a tattoo artist who has his own shop. He only cares about one person, that is his baby sisters. He hates his grandfather for the stupid decisions that kept them away from her life for four years. He was the sweetest teddy bear to his baby sister. He hates his grandfather for not letting him live his childhood. He is overprotective of his family.

(He is 25 years old)

Vikram Singh Chauhan:

Is the elder twin and the fourth-born twin of the royal family. He is a college student and a moody bitch. He doesn't care about anyone and just does what he wants. Sometimes he is the sweetest but sometimes a total jerk. He loves to annoy his brothers, especially Akash cause he gets annoyed easily. He is the topper at college. He is overprotective of his baby sister.

(He is 22 years old)

Viraj Singh Chauhan:

Is the younger twin and fifth born of the royal family.Ā  He is a party animal who doesn't spend a single second at the house except for family meetings. He has very bad anger issues with a dark scary side. He is addicted to sex and drinks. He is rude and arrogant to everyone. He doesn't want to get close to anyone. He doesn't stay at home.Ā  He is overprotective of his baby sister.

(He is 22 years old)

Aishwarya Singh Chauhan:

Is the youngest and the Princess of four Royal families. She is sweet, loving, and a very kind girl but also very determined. She hates her family for leaving her like this caged in a palace. She has everything except the freedoms and love she is looking for. She is close to her Aunt Victoria Hendrix. Other things you're gonna find out in upcoming chapters.

(She is 6 years old)

Victoria Hendrix:

Is the first female Indian Royal Queen of the second biggest Royal family after the Chauhan family. She is sassy, dark, and a bad bitch. She doesn't care about others' opinion and do what is good for her and her country.Ā  She is only soft for her niece, Aishwarya Singh Chauhan. She hates Raghavender and his sons for whatever they did to the baby. She is protective of Aishwarya.

(She is 32 years old)

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