Lorenzo Morelli:

Is the eldest brother and the Godfather of the Italian Mafia. He is known for his words in the Mafia world. Whatever he says goes on, no one can challenge his decisions. He is strict, and cold and wants everything in his control. He loves his younger siblings but never shows it. He is a merciless monster with those who betray him. He has a girlfriend. He is protective of his family.

(He is 28 years old)

(I don't do love but I love to fucking control)

Renzo Morelli:

Is the second eldest and a general surgeon by profession. He loves his work and more importantly, doing surgeries to keep his insane side in control when he couldn't play with his prey. He is more of a patient one with his siblings and d always there for them. He loves his family to death. He is protective of his family.

(He is 25 years old)

(I don't do it to survive, I do it because I don't want my enemies to survive)

Nico Morelli:

Is the older twin of Luca and a total jerk. He has the worst anger issues. He couldn't control his mouth and regretted it later. He is a rude, arrogant and cold-hearted bastard who only cares about himself. He always sleeps around with random girls and boys. He hates humans. He can do anything to protect his family.

(He is 22 years old)

(Fucking stay away......OR.....Get your life fucked)

Luca Morelli:

Is the younger twin and a less jerk brother. He knows how to keep his anger in control. He is also a rude cold-hearted man. He sleeps around with random girls every single day. He loves his siblings and cares about them. He is protective of his family.

(He is 22 years old)

(I'm the Classier dangerous twin)

Ravena Oriella Morelli:

Is the youngest of the Morelli family. She is a shy, kind and timid little girl who just wants some love and attention. She has another side which is sassy and a bit rude. She doesn't want anyone to know about her past life and tries to keep her emotions hidden behind her cold facade.

(She is 5 years old)

(I'm sweet because I like them)

Hey guys,Ā  I hope you like these characters. A big thank you to Aks_94303 for the beautiful cover and these aesthetics. If anyone made aesthetics or covers for any of my books, please contact me on my Instagram and send them there to me.

Any comments on the characters?

Love you Bohut Saara ā¤ļø

Muah šŸ’‹šŸ’‹šŸ’‹

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