Ravena wakes up in a moving car only to find out she is lying in someone's lap. She immediately sat up straight and looked around to find some handsome-looking kidnappers kidnapped her. She looked around frantically and asked panicked: "Who?"

More of her words along with some curses got stuck in her throat as the men beside her, in whose lap she was laying just a few minutes ago having the best sleep of her life tried to coax her: "Hey pretty woman, Oh look at you, such beautiful eyes you got mhm? It's alright, we gonna you the best nights of your life, and days also"

Ravena stared at him with furrowed eyebrows not knowing what to do.ย  She can't jump out of a moving car especially when it's locked, of course, she checked it as soon as she backed and left over the door.

Suddenly a loud and cold voice grumbled: "Are you fucking serious Luca, she is a kid. And more importantly, your way is fucking vulgar"

Luca felt offended at his words and held his hands up in surrender asking: "What the fuck do you mean Vulgar? It works with women and"

That cold voice spoke again from the backseat of the SUV: "It's vulgar because it sounds like, you are trying to get in her pants"

Luca made a disgusted face: "Eww, you know who she is and more importantly she is a kid and I hate blondies"

Ravena unconsciously touched her long straight hair and frowned as Luca cooed: "Except you, Tiny blondie"

He grinned with a huge smile slowly spreading over his lips: "Your nickname will be Tiny Blondie"

A low cold voice rumbled through the passenger seat: "Shut your disgusting mouths and let me sleep"

Raven rolled her eyes and crumbled to herself but they all heard her: "Gosh save me from these crazy fuckers"


Ravena is a shy and kind little girl, who always thought she was just a normal toddler living a bad life with her parents who never wanted her in the first place.

Until a sudden accident took the life of her only source of living, her parents. Her whole life turned upside down when she saw four scary men who decided to kidnap her from her parent's funeral.

Her identity got snatched from her, her life is going to take a huge turn when she finds out, that her kidnappers were none other than her brothers. Morelli's siblings are the worst nightmare of people who cross paths with them. But what happens when they finally get the light of their darkness back? She isn't the same little girl, they used to play dress up for.

Will they be able to heal the wounds hidden in her heart? Read to find out...........

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