Chapter Thirty-Four

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Adaliah liked Lilah's room but she is more fond of dark colours. She is more important like black, grey and blood red colours but she is fine with white and blue also.

The dress chosen by Adaliah from Lilah's closet was a beautiful sundress in white colour with small blue flowers all over the dress but Levi said no as the weather was more chill than on normal days and he didn't want Adaliah to catch a cold and get sick because of it.

Adaliah loved all these clothes and she is so impressed with the collection of Lilah's closet but it looks good on Lilah according to Adaliah.

Levi smiled gently at Adaliah saying: "You can have some full clothes like pants or something"

Adaliah understood his point and nodded then pointed towards another pair of pants which Levi nodded grabbing from the hanger with a huge smile: "Li love them"

Adaliah shook her head saying: "Then I want something else. Lilah will be upset if I get these"

Levi smiled at her kindness saying: "Ada, Aries got Lilah seven pairs of the same dress because she said she liked them so don't worry, she still has six untouched ones. And these are the new ones, she didn't even wear them so don't worry you are friends and friends can share things"

Adaliah still wasn't sure about wearing Lilah's favourite pair of clothes but nodded eventually. Levi smiled putting everything matching the dress: "here you go"

Levi stopped at the door telling her: "Just call me if you have any trouble, I will be here"

Adaliah gave him a small and stiff nod asevi walked out of the room closing the door behind him with a small smile downstairs to the kitchen where his lovely husband already grabbed all the things Levi would need to make the breakfast for the kids.

On the other hand, Adaliah took a warm bath using the coconut smell body wash and some shampoos with the smell mix of coconut and chocolate.

Adaliah read the name of the shampoo and she was definitely asking oops I mean ordering her brothers to buy her this shampoo. She loved the smell and it made her hair so soft.

Adaliah smiled and wore the lilac colour bathrobe having a small lilac flower logo near the heart. She tied the robe and walked out of the washroom wearing the cute slippers with tiny rabbit designs.

Adaliah checked the dress and huffed when she couldn't decide how to wear it so she walked out of the room to look for Levi or maybe her brother Vito to help her with this new type of clothes and with her hair.

Adaliah walked outside in the hallway and was about to walk downstairs but she bumped into someone. Adaliah looked up at Vito then growled: "Vi Vi"

Vito looked down at her lilac colour bathrobe and misjudged it for her outfit yelling happily: "you look cute in this dress, My almost human-looking but an Angel child"

Adaliah rolled her eyes saying: "it's a robe, Vi Vi"

Vito giggled saying: "oops my bad, you look beautiful in everything that I thought this was a dress"

Adaliah hid a smile and a cute blush covering her cheeks but she managed to say: "Yeah sure"

Vito said pinching the skin of his throat between his thumb and forefinger saying with big eyes shining with pure innocence and truth: "I'm saying the truth, you are so so so beautiful"

Adaliah huffed as Levi rushed upstairs with Luciano following behind him. Luciano is wearing an apron with the written "My husband is possessive" then Levi is wearing an apron with the written "I'm his husband".

Vitl giggled covering his mouth at the aprons while Adaliah watched their worried expressions Luciano held a spatula and Levi was holding a knife asking: "Why did Vito scream? Is everything okay?"

Adaliah shook his head saying: "He always does this"

Levi sighed in relief then looked down at Adaliah saying with wide eyes: "Ada, you gonna get cold like this and your hair, oh my"

Adaliah scratched the back of her neck saying: "I don't know how to wear this"

Levi's worried expression slowly went into a cute smile as he chuckled: "You are adorable, Ada. C'mon I will help you"

Adaliah nodded slowly and Levi passed the knife and apron to his husband saying: "Luci, Can you please cook the other things until I help Ada?"

Luciano leaned down to his husband and kissed the top of his head saying: "Just order, my Love"

Levi blushed and Adaliah shook her head walking in the room back with Vito and Levi following behind her. Levi walked to the washroom and washed her hands then came back with some products saying: "c'mon, let's get you ready"

Vito asked reading the labels while Levi helped Adaliah to wear the beautiful white t-shirt and a cute denim dungaree with a big bow design at the back: "This curl cream, gel and moose. And what is this lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen?"

Levi said smiling sitting Adaliah in the chair: "These things are care things. And I noticed Ada has wavy hair so these things will help her waves look good as they are not settled right now"

Vito watched with wide eyes and Levi squeezed some curl cream on his palm and gently applied it to her hair. Vito watched carefully every step as Levi fixed her beautiful waves and diffused them.

Adaliah smiled brightly at her waves looking so good then touched her bouncy hair saying: "so good"

Vito was so amazed that he almost yelled: "It's magic"

Levi chuckled at his cuteness saying: "It's not magic Vito. You have to do this after every hair wash so her proper waves will be back to normal soon"

Adaliah nodded to herself as Levi made both Vito and Adaliah do the skincare routine and made a super cute low bun with a few small strands of her hair defending her beautiful face. Levi smiled widely: "there you go"

Levi nodded to herself and put everything back in its place as Vito smiled at Adaliah: "he is so sweet"

Adaliah nodded muttering to herself: "He is too sweet Vi Vi, too sweet"


Klaus was sitting next to Ezra who was still not waking up. Adagio checked him just a few minutes ago and told them that he is still under the influence of the sleeping injection they gave him to make him fall asleep to calm his heart and mind.

Diaz's siblings are a bit worried because they remember the days when Ezra was admitted to the hospital for months after getting bullied by some seniors.

It was the horrible days of their life and Ezra was in a coma for a whole 2 months when he woke up his food cord was damaged and he couldn't even eat. He was alive on liquid and medicines for months.

When he got out of the hospital, he tried suicide three times because he saw himself as a burden for his siblings.

Vito was attacked by some creeps because they were from that place. Their image was always bad and everyone saw them with hungry or dirty eyes.

Vito wasn't strong enough to protect himself and Ezra had just been discharged from the hospital and he couldn't protect his younger brother.

Ezra watched them kidnapping his brother. They took him and Ezra wasn't able to protect him. Ezra hates feeling helpless.

Ezra wants all his siblings in front of him, he gets so scared of them going missing because it reminds him of those painful moments of their life.

He watched his brother getting kidnapped, and hurt, why? because they were from a place, a place they never wanted to go?

Was it their fault that their own parents gave up on them?

Was it their fault that they got taken to that place and labelled as prostitutes for life?

Was it their fault that they were forced to be this way, to be a monster?

Klaus pulled out of his thoughts when he felt Ezra's hand tightened around slightly. His eyes widened as he said excitedly making all the Diaz brothers look at her: "Ez, Ez"

Vincente and Nyx both walked towards the bed and Vincente called out in a gentle tone: "Ez"

Ezra's eyes scrutinized as he tried to open them but couldn't. He can hear voices calling him but he can't open his eyes. His hold on Klaus's hand tightened more as his heart started beating wildly. Vincente noticed his heartbeat and told Nyx: "Go call Dr. Adagio"

Nyx rushed outside to get Adagio while Klaus gently ran his hand over his head saying: "Ez, please calm down. Don't panic, everything is alright"

Ezra cried as tears rolled down his cheeks: "She, my chip-munk"

Klaus tried to tell her gently running his hand through his hair: "Shh shh calm down. Adaliah is good. We find her. She is alright. You wanna see her mhm? She is right here okay, calm down"

Ezra's eyes shot open at the mention of Adaliah and his wide eyes looked around to find Adaliah but she wasn't in the room. Tears kept streaming down his face as he called out: "chipmunk, my chipmunk, please bring me my chipmunk"

Ezra tried to remove the IV from his hand when Adagio walked inside the room followed by some ward boys. Klaus held Ezra's hand to stop him from doing so and Adagio walked towards them and spoke in a soft tone: "Ezra, please calm down. I'm your doctor"

Ezra cried holding his head which was aching like hell: "My chipmunk?"

Adagio saw his heart rate picking up and he told the Diaz siblings: "You guys have to move back"

Vincente watched Ezra not leaving Klaus's hand who tried softly: "Ez, shh he is Dr. Adagio. He wouldn't hurt you okay"

Ezra shook his head no while Adagio walked towards him and grabbed the injection saying to the ward boys: "hold him, I have to give him this injection"

Adagio watched the wide eyes relations of the Diaz siblings so he told them softly: "He gonna hurt himself more if he keeps panicking like this"

Diaz brothers understand his point of view but they couldn't see their brother crying like this while they watched him getting held down like this. Diaz brothers hate being helpless.

Vincente is watching him with big wide eyes staring at him only hoping to see him happy brother. Whose charming smile can make people fall for him?

Nys runs his rough hand through his hair a few times and grumbles turning to the other direction.

Klaus on the other is talking to Ezra standing near him in a soft tone. Ezra cried in broken words trying to free himself from the firm grip of the ward boys who were holding him down: "Please, my chipmunk, don't hurt"

Adagio felt bad for the poor boy but he knew the only one who could calm him right now was Adaliah, or you could say his little Chipmunk but she wasn't here right now the way his heart rate was going to up gonna only bring him more problems.

Adagio is about to inject him when the door of the room opens with a loud thud and a dark voice growls: "I dare you to hurt my Ezy"

Vito's eyes widened at the sight in front of them and Luciano's dark voice growled: "Gio, what the fuck are you doing?"

Ezra cried as more tears rolled down his cheeks when he saw Adaliah all good in front of him: "Chipmunk?"

Adaliah immediately left Vito's hand and rushed towards Ezra who was still held by those ward boys. Adaliah dark eyes glared at the two men holding her eyes down and a cold dark voice boomed through the room making a shiver run down their backs: "Move your hands away from my Ezy, right now"

Adaliah's eyes glared at their hands as Ezra struggled to get himself free from them. They slowly moved back leaving Ezra who immediately jumped off the bed and wrapped his arms around his little chipmunk.

Ezra cried hugging her tightly with his head buried in the crook of her neck: "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Chipmunk. I shouldn't have left you. I wouldn't leave you alone ever again"

Adaliah said gently: "Ezy, I'm fine. See all good. Nyx protected me"

Nyx asked with a questioning gaze: "I did?"

Adaliah gave him a dark glare and turned her gaze back to her cute Ezra saying: "Now calm down yes. Breathe yes"

She wiped his tears saying: "You are mine Ezy. I never leave you. Do you want something?"

Ezra cried holding Adaliah in his lap crying his heart out: "Send them all out, please. I'm scared"

Adaliah growled glaring at everyone even Vincente: "Leave all you"

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