Chapter Five

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Third-person pov:

Adaliah is happily sitting in the living room eating the fifth strawberry of her evening. Vito and Ezra are quite enjoying her happy giggles and reactions over the sweet taste of strawberries. Vito loved her reaction when she got a sour strawberry. The doorbell ranga and Ezra exclaimed picking her in his arms from her position on his lap: "Chipmunk, wait here with Vito"

Vito turned towards her at the same time she did and tilted her head to the left as she copied him immediately like a cute kitten. Vito giggled and she gave him a toothy smile making him chuckle and gently patted her hair down. Ezra walked out of the living room towards the main door where Alex is staring at the pizza boy with his dark eyes.

Ezra chuckled lightly holding his hands to grab the pizza boxes from the boy: "Al, he is just a pizza delivery boy"

The blonde-haired boy smiled at Ezra nervously extending the boxes to him: "Thanks for ordering from our place sir"

Ezra grinned widely and Alex muttered: "here we go"

Ezra asked almost bouncing on his toes: "What's your name?"

The blonde-haired boy said nervously: "It's Declan"

Ezra nod and is about to say something when he hears Klaus's voice: "Ez, leave the kid and come back"

Ezra huffed and waved at Declan: "Bye"

Declan waved bye to him walked back to his bike and smiled at Ezra but quickly drive away when Alex glared at him. Alex saw all of them struggle and grow up and he is protective of them. He wouldn't let them get hurt again ever.

Alex closed the door as Ezra walked inside the house and grinned at Klaus: "Chipmunk, gonna try Pizza today"

Adaliah stared at him with wide eyes holding the 9 boxes of pizza and a bag in his other hand. Vito said clapping his hands: "Finally"

Ezra said rolling his eyes at him and walking towards the dining room: "Vito, get Chipmunk"

Vito grinned at her extending his hand to her: "C'mon my almost human-looking but an angel child"

Adaliah looked at his hand and then back at the strawberry in her tiny hands. She quickly stuffed the remaining bite in her mouth and wiped her hands in her oops Nyx favorite Hoodie. Vito gulped when she did and stared at her with wide eyes. Nyx walked downstairs in a pair of grey sweatpants and no shirt. Adaliah eyes widened at his whole left hand had a snake tattoo wrapped around his arm.

She started at his other hand which is full of different tattoos leaving no space while his whole chest is full of tattoos going down to his stomach and then hiding under the hem of his sweatpants. She asked now looking up in his eyes and pointing towards his chest: "How much for all these?"

Nyx rolled his eyes and muttered when he is close enough to her: "I apologize for touching you without your consent earlier"

She said smiling up at him and looking at the skeleton tattoo in the middle of his chest: "I good"

His lips twitched at the corners and his eyes wrinkled at the corners but he walked away to the dining room when she saw Vito still had his hand extended for her to hold. She quickly put her tiny hand in his bigger one and looked up at him as he held her hand. He helps her down from the couch and they walk to the dining room.

Adaliah is looking around with big eyes excited to see so many new things. She would like to know all of their names but she restricted herself from asking and bit her tongue. Ezra looked at his younger brother walking into the dining room holding her tiny hand in his big ones. He smiled sweetly at his little chipmunk and said: "come here my little chipmunk"

Adaliah smiled at him and rushed to him pulling her hand away from Vito's hands who sulked but sat down on his seat. Klaus said shaking his head: "Nyx, please go and call Vince"

Nyx walked out of the dining room towards the hidden corridor to his brother's office. He knocked and waited patiently when he heard a cold voice: "Come in"

Nyx pushed the door open and peeked his head inside the office then said: "Dinner"

Vincente shook his head and was about to say something but Nyx narrowed his eyes: "Don't start with your shit about I'm not fucking hungry"

Vincente sighed and closed the file he was looking through then said in a low tone: "You guys start with dinner, I will be down in a few minutes"

Nyx hummed and closed the door behind walking out of the corridor to the dining room. Klaus raised his eyebrow at him so he nodded back. Nyx eyes landed on the small girl who is giggling trying to catch the shadow of the fork which is Vito moving around. Her loud giggles are making their safe place feel warmer and more alive.

Adaliah is reminding him of a butterfly he catches when he was 6 years old. He catches a black butterfly with brown spots on its wings looking so beautiful in his eyes. Her warm brown eyes are reminding him of those brown spots on that butterfly wings. She is like spreading her colors in their dark lives. She is his butterfly.

Nyx didn't realize he was staring at her while she is playing with Vito. Klaus elbowed his side then leaned towards him asking: "Looking whipped like those two"

Nyx clenched his jaw and turned toward them with a smirk that came to his lips: "Are you not?"

Klaus said with a small smile: "it's good to show your love and care to someone who needed it"

Nyx nodded along remembering the words from Vincente: "Rather than showing your anger on people who don't deserve it"

Klaus nodded ruffling his hair making him glare at him and fix his hair as Adaliah's eyes landed on Vincente who had a clenched jaw wearing a pair of sweatpants and a grey t-shirt hugging his muscular frame. Adaliah quickly sit properly between Vito and Ezra who stared at her and then back at Vincente.

Vincente's eyes never left her as he walked toward the dining table and sat at the head of the table. Klaus called out his usual cold tone: "Faye"

Faye came with other maids setting the table for them then walked back to the room to bring the water drinks and all. Ezra exclaimed happily: "Chipmunk, will try my favorite pizza"

Vito was shaking his head holding the box: "No, she will have my favorite pizza"

Ezra put a slice of chicken pizza on her plate as Vito slid another slice of pepperoni pizza. She looked at them with wide eyes and her mouth watered at the sight of food looking so delicious in her eyes. She then remembered saying sorry to Vincente so she looked at him staring intensely at her with cold dark eyes. Adaliah blinked at him for a few seconds staring back at him with a curious look in her eyes.

She looked directly into his eyes and said smiling finishing her sentence with a cute blind and tilt of her head: "Mr. Vincent, I sorry for hugging you. I fogot to ask. I no do again"

Vincente said coldly grabbing a slice of pizza from his box: "It's fine ADALIAH"

He liked the way his name rolled down his tongue then he said taking a bite: "You can stay here. And my name is Vincente"

Adaliah tried his name a few times inside her head then said smiling happily: "Vincente"

She giggled and then looked at Ezra who picked the slice of pizza from the plate. She carefully took her slice of chicken pizza and took a bite. As the taste hit her taste bid, she exclaimed with wide eyes: "Yummy"

Her stomach grumbled and she started eating quickly choking a bit when Nyx grabbed a glass of water for her: "Fuck, slow down"

She grabbed the glass with her tiny hands and drink it slowly. Everyone is looking at Nyx who scowled: "Stop fucking staring"

Adaliah giggles: "Fuck"

Ezra giggled with her and Vito put a hand over his heart: "Oh God, we need an innocent one in this house, not another Nyx"

Nyx rolled his eyes and Klaus smiled softly at her: "Little one, it's a bad word. Don't say it again"

She said pointing towards Nyx: "But he says first"

Nyx said smirking at her cuteness: "I'm a man and you are a baby"

She said glaring at him making him glare back but she didn't back down saying: "I a stong girl. I stand up self. Men bad"

Nyx dark eyes are glaring at her and he wouldn't admit her cute glare is kind of scary. It will definitely scare others not them for sure. Vincente muttered agreeing with her: "They are bad"


Adaliah ate whole 5 slices of pizza along with some French fries and a nugget. She is so full that there is a little bump of her stomach visible. Ezra said smiling down at her sweetly extending his hand to her: "C'mon chipmunk, we are going to sleep"

She is so full and tired to walk now so she held her arms up to him while her eyes are droopy. Ezra's eyes sparkled with excitement and Vito sulked pouting: "Why not me?"

Ezra quickly picked her in his arms so Vito doesn't do it when he is busy admiring the cute yawning wild-haired baby. Adaliah laid her head down on Ezra's shoulder almost falling but Ezra gently catch her head before she fall and fixed her head over his shoulder properly so she wouldn't fall. Vito cooed pretending to pinch her cheeks: "she is adorable"

Nyx said making all of their jaws clench: "Keeping her means, she will be in great danger"

Klaus said blankly: "Sending her away will get her killed or hurt by someone"

Nyx clenched his jaw and said shaking his head: "And if something happened to her we wouldn't be able to forgive ourselves"

Ezra whispered in her ear: "Say good night, my chipmunk"

She slurred in her sleep: "Nigh"

Vito smiled: "Goodnight, My almost human looking but an angel child"

Ezra smiled and walked up the stairs saying: "Good night brothers, I love you"

Vito yelled loudly: "Good night, Ez, we love you"

Klaus called out along with Vincente: "Good night Ez"

Nyx doesn't say anything when Vito exclaimed as a dark look took over his features: "How about we pay a little visit to them?"

Nyx chuckled darkly: "I'm waiting to paint my new hoodie with blood and design it"

Klaus asked smirking: "Is the one Adaliah is wearing painted in blood?"

Nyx said with a sinister look: "All of my clothes I designed myself are painted in blood"

Vincente said looking at Vito: "She is staying here now so get her shopping tomorrow"

Klaus said nodding before Vincente can say anything: "I will contact a social worker for the adoption thing"

Vito grinned widely: "Are we adopting her? Who is going to be the dad?"

Nyx said rolling his eyes: "Vincente is adopting her just like he is our legal guardian"

Vito said happily: "Ezra is going to be the happiest after hearing this news"


On the other hand, Adaliah woke up in the middle of the night as her eyes are dropping with sleep. She searched with her hands to find her mother and find Ezra sleeping next to her. She snuggled closer and buried her face in his back when she saw a scar on his right shoulder.

She unconsciously raised her hand and traced the scar only to find the same scar as her mother. She muttered the number she traced over his shoulder: "14567"

Ezra whispered quietly in his sleep: "Don't hurt me, please"

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