Chapter Four

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Some of you think Vincente is her Dad so no he isn't her father. None of the brothers are her father or biologically related to her.

The next thing about Adaliah is that she is fed up with other people's energy. For if the person with her is happy she felt all giddy and happy but if the person is sad or anything then she feels sad, gloomy, and all.

So come after me commenting about her mood swings and changing behaviors. She catches nature from the people she lives with so you will see her being bossy, sometimes rude, and even cold sometimes like the Diaz brothers so be prepared for these upcoming twists. Teehee ๐Ÿ˜š

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Third-person pov:

Diaz brothers are shocked, it would be an understatement, they are frozen in their places not knowing how to react to this situation. Vincente hates that place and there is no way he would go there. Then it's impossible that Vincente and her met each other before.

Klaus just stared at her with wide eyes as his eyes traveled up to Vincente's face which is void of any emotions. His jaw is clenched hard while a pulse around his neck popped at how angry he is. His fist is clenching and unclenching at his sides as she looked up at him with her warm brown eyes.

Klaus pulled out of whatever trance he was in and immediately grabbed her forearm a bit too roughly to protect her. He pulled her to his side and said in a low calm voice: "Vince, please go to your room. She doesn't know it"

Vincente's eyes flicked to her as his cold and empty eyes glared at her making her frown. She pouted looking down at her bare feet wiggling her toes to distract herself. Vincente roared walking to his office: "Fucking throw this kid out of our home, right fucking now"

Klaus gave him a single nod as Ezra asked cautiously: "Do you think he will be fine?"

Klaus said rubbing his temple: "He will be fine but I'm more worried about what he is going to go through in this small time"

On the other side, Vincente reached his office room and held the door knob as his hands started shaking badly. He held his hand with his other hand to stop it shaking and unlocked the door with a lot of difficulty. He pushed himself inside the memory cold and dark room then pushed the door closed. He leaned his back against the door and slid down the door.

He tugged his hair hard as the voice of a 12-year-old boy begging rang in his ears:

"Don't touch me, please"

"No no, don't touch me, please"

He covered his ears and hid his face in his knees rocking himself back and forth. He hates these flashbacks. He hated that he couldn't hug his brothers. He hates everything about their past. He hates himself for not being able to protect his twin. He hates everything about the situation and especially his parents for giving up on them that night.

(A/N: they suffer a lot in the past and that's why they turn out like this๐Ÿฅบ)


Ezra rushed to her and pulled her forehead from Klaus's grip when he saw her struggling with tears in her eyes. Klaus realized that he was holding her arm tightly so he gave her an apologetic look and sighed sitting down on the couch and holding his head in his hands.

Nyx eyes never left her or maybe his hoodie but only Nyx knows what or who he is watching this intensely.

Vito is stating at his "almost human but an Angel child" with soft eyes feeling bad for her. She doesn't know about them and it's not completely her fault for hugging Vincente like this. She doesn't know about his anxiety with physical touches. He is disgusted by physical touches even a little hand-shaking with someone.

Ezra asked rubbing her arms: "You good my chipmunk?"

Nyx's eyes narrowed slightly at her as she whispered rubbing her eyes to stop the flowing tears down her rosy cheeks. Klaus apologized in a soft tone: "I apologized for hurting you, little one. I didn't mean to"

Ezra nodded and Klaus said glancing at her and then pointing toward the space in front of him: "Come here little one"

Vito said smiling softly: "I found a nice name for her"

Ezra asked starting at his younger brother: "What is it?"

Vito exclaimed loudly with a huge smile spread over his lips: "Adaliah"

Ezra smiled softly saying her name which rolled off his tongue so smoothly: "Adaliah"

She blinked up at him as Klaus called out: "Little one, didn't I just call you here?"

She gulped at his strict tone and looked at Ezra who said giving her shoulders a small squeeze: "Aww chipmunk, don't worry. He wouldn't hurt you"

She nod slowly and strolled towards Klaus who grabbed her wrist when she is near him and pulled her to stand between his legs. She kept her eyes gulped at his hand holding her wrist. The back of his hand had small tattoos hiding under his sleeves. Klaus cleared his throat making her look up at him as she asked curiously: "How much money for these drawings?"

Klaus asked confused: "what?"

She pointed towards his hand with her other hand and Ezra chuckled saying: "well, it took a lot and a lot of money and you are too small for these"

She shrugged and looked up at Klaus who said blinking down at her: "Little one, you can stay here as everyone almost like you"

Ezra punched the air and grinned widely: "I love you Klaus, you are my favorite"

Klaus rolled his eyes: "Vito was your favorite in the morning if I remember correctly"

Ezra giggled like a happy child: "Well, now you are my favorite"

She started at their interaction as Klaus turned his attention back to the small girl standing between his legs. He grabbed her jaw when he saw her eyes focused on his hand tattoos. He caressed her soft skin with his thumb and spoke up: "First of all, I wanna tell you that your name is Adaliah from now"

Ezra grinned bouncing in his seat: "Yes Adaliah, it's a pretty name. Wait"

Vito gulped knowingly at what he would ask and turned to look away from him. Ezra asked happily: "What does this name mean?"

Vito stuttered: "Uh well, it's a nice name and pronounced as"

Ezra gave him a hard glare and Vito sighed: "It means death"

Ezra growled now: "Are you fucking serious?"

Vito explained quickly: "Hey c'mon, the name is adorable just like her. And she is cute and what those people say, she's gonna be the death of us. See death so yup, great right"

Ezra grumbled crossing his arms as much as he would like to change the name. This name suits her so he wouldn't argue about this with them. Klaus turned her attention back to her: "So Adaliah, mhm. I like your name"

She gave him a tiny smile saying: "nice"

Klaus caresses her jaw and then stated: "This is about what you just did with Vincente. So everybody isn't the same. Some people don't like getting touched without permission. Consent is important. You can't just hug someone or kiss them or so do anything related to them without their consent"

She said nodding trying to look down but he kept her chin in a firm grip now letting her head down: "mumma teach me. I forget"

Klaus hummed then said: "You will apologize to Vincente when he came out okay? And don't touch him ever, not even mistakenly. He hates physical contact"

She said quickly: "Yes"

Klaus patted her hair down saying: "There you go good girl"

Klaus smiled down at her and she smiled back at him with the same softness in her eyes. She is happily poking a skeleton tattoo over his thumb while he asked: "Adaliah, Little one. Where do you meet Vince?"

She said happily: "Oh he come to see mummy. He was so nice and bring me chocolates"

She frowned: "He no angry when I hug him"

Klaus looked at his brothers and Nyx cursed glaring hard at her: "Fucking liar"

She gasped as her eyes widened then she scolded him: "I no lie, you Weirdo"

She said glaring cutely to him: "His name is Vinny. But I conuse"

Klaus asked carefully grabbing her chin once again to turn her face to look at him: "Now why are confused Little one?"

He put more pressed on the word confuse which she pronounced wrongly as she said putting a finger on her chin: "When Vinny come to see mummy. He did not have long black hair, he had white hair and also white and black chin hair. He smiles at me and"

Nyx grabbed his Ipad from the bag he was holding and opened the gallery app while looking through the picture. He stopped at a picture of a man who looked exactly like Vincente but was older. He turned the Ipad towards her as she grinned happily: "That's my Vinny. My baby"

Vito asked with wide eyes: "I thought she is a baby she had a baby"

Klaus rolled his eyes and Ezra patted his chest: "Vito, my darling brother. How about you go and have something to eat yourself? You are losing the brain cells of yours in hunger"

Vito nod getting from the cough: "Yup, I'm hungry"

Klaus nods their head: "that's it for today"

Ezra opened his arms: "Come here my chipmunk Adaliah"

She strolled towards him feeling all giddy with the newfound energy she just got from Ezra and Vito. Ezra grabbed her arm and pulled her closer then picked her sitting on his right thigh asking: "You hungry?"

She blinked up at him a few times and he tapped her nose a few times giggling: "I'm talking to you, my little chipmunk"

She nodded scrunching her nose up at the weird nickname asking: "What a chipmunk?"

Ezra called out loudly: "Vito, she is hungry. Get some baby food or maybe some milk and"

Klaus said rolling his eyes: "Ezra, she can have solid food. She is 1"

Nyx grabbed his back and swung it out his shoulder then walked right in front of Ezra and Adaliah. Adaliah is about to turn her head to look at him but he grabs the back of her neck tilting her head back, making her breath hitch in her throat.

Before Ezra can say anything to him, Nyx bends down to her level and brings his lips near her ear whispering: "Gave back my hoodie, as soon as possible, Understood"

He smirked at her wide eyes and scared expression as he whispered: "Adaliah"

Ezra scolded lightly: "Oi stop hurting the kid"

Nyx rolled his eyes and walked away giving her nape a little squeeze. She rubbed her nape and pouted mumbling: "Meany"

Ezra said shrugging: "Leave him, so what things can you eat?"

She said smiling: "Bread, soup, water, chocolates"

Ezra nodded along with each item she told him and said nodding his head: "Some pasta, mac, and cheese maybe Pizza"

Vito grinned rushing into the living room with a huge bowl of fruits: "I ordered pizza, 30 minutes guys"

Ezra nodded asking: "You ordered by usual right"

Vito smirked: "nope, I ordered you the pineapple one"

Ezra gave him a look of disbelief and betrayal as she watched their interaction with wide eyes liking how they bicker but not fighting. She likes this type of fighting.

Vito picked a piece of strawberry and held it for her saying: "here you go"

She blinked a few times and happily took the strawberry from his hand with her both tiny hands. She held it to her mouth keeping an eye on both of them. Vito is looking at her with sparkling eyes waiting for her reaction to his favorite fruit.

And if she doesn't like it then he will definitely get on a killing spree because he shared his favorite fruit with her and she will say: "Oh no thanks, u don't like its taste" Of course not.

She chewed the bite and gulped it down saying: "uh it's yummy"

Vito's smile changed into a full-blown grin as he said clapping his hands: "I already love you, my almost human looking but an Angel child"

She smiled at him making him out a hand over his heart: "Oh no"

Ezra asked panicked as Vito had his hand over his heart: "You wouldn't fucking believe me, Ez"

Ezra growled now getting angry with this: "What?"

Vito exclaimed loudly: "I guess, the little bit of broken piece of my heart that was there in my chest just warmed"

Ezra smacked the back of his head: "Are you fucking serious? I thought you got a heart attack or something"

Vito asked sadly: "Can you do something so I don't feel things? Its fucking hurt like shit at the end"

Ezra frowned at this and mumbled while she happily had the strawberry taking her time enjoying the sweet taste of it: "I also don't want these feelings inside"

Vito said smiling sadly: "I just she doesn't get hurt because of us"

Ezra nodded along: "I also wanna lose this little bundle of weird joy"


On the other hand, Klaus walked to Vincente's office along with Nyx following behind him with his expressionless face and dark eyes glaring at everything. Klaus slowly knocked on the door saying: "Vince, it's me and Nyx"

After a few minutes, they heard a cold voice void of any emotions: "Come in"

Klaus opened the door and saw Vincente sitting on the chair looking through some files. His hairs are messy like he pulled them so many times, the files are thrown on the floor along with the pen stand. His coat was thrown over the back of the chair he was sitting and his tie is hanging loosely around his neck.

Klaus asked carefully: "You feeling better now"

Vincente gave him a single nod leaning back on the chair and rubbing his temple as the rings in his fingers shine under the dim light in the dark room. Nyx slides his IPad in front of him as Vincente sees the picture on the Ipad and Klaus declares: "It was Father who was there. She misunderstood you as him"

Vincente said throwing his head: "Invite him over"

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