Chapter Three

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Third-person pov:

Ezra is standing on the balcony with a cigarette in his hand and a dark smirk plastered on his lips. He is here waiting for his chipmunk to complete her bath and come out of the washroom as she didn't want his help. He didn't mind it as he wasn't even good with kids and helping her bath and all, he would like to suicide before bathing a kid.

He saw Vincente's car enter the mansion with the four security cars with it but there is another car that entered with Ezra and he knew who just came to their house, their home. It's their safe place, they made it their own, and no one can just come in here and ruin it for them never. He wouldn't allow anyone to hurt them again.

Ezra pulled out of his thoughts with the sound of the washroom door opening and he crushed the cigarette in the ashtray and walked out of the balcony the towel he threw at the chair there. He said walking towards her: "c'mon, let me help you chan"

He looked up at her wet face and hands then her legs but he is sure she didn't bathe, the stain of blood is visible on her neck. It's not her blood but it was there and it made him believe that she didn't take the bath. She is a smart kid for this but sure it wouldn't work with him.

He sighed and the same fake smiled over his lips as he said sweetly: "You didn't bathe, did you Mhm?"

She gulped and shook her head in no as he walked closer to her saying: "You know good girls like you shouldn't lie"

She bites her bottom lip and mumbles: "I no know how?"

Ezra repeated in his head: "Say no, say no. You aren't bathing a kid. No"

He said smiling down at her: "c'mon chipmunk, I will help you"

She shook her head in no and he took a sharp breath and walked away from her then leaned his head against the wall then punched it three times. He walked back to her with the same smile and sing: "I wouldn't hurt you, I promise"

She still shook her head in no repeating in her head: "I no gave up. I stand up for me"

Ezra is about to say something when there is a knock on the door and Ezra barks frustrated with her no: "What?"

Klaus said smirking leaning against the door frame: "Chipmunk is already making me so much annoyed and you are thinking about keeping her"

Ezra growled glaring at him: "Fuck off. I'm already dealing with an ungrateful brat. I saved her and she is just"

Klaus said shaking his head and walking inside the room: "And she doesn't have any idea, what about to happen to her after getting sold to any of that fuc"

He suddenly turned towards her and smiled kindly: "Oops my bad, stupid's. So how will she be grateful to you for saving her? As you said, according to her she was at her home"

Ezra scoffed: "For fuc"

Klaus scolded him lightly: "No cursing in front of the kids, it's not good for their innocent ears, and lastly Ez she must be thinking of you as a kidnapper or something as you just get her away from her"

He did a sign with his two fingers saying: "So-called Home"

She whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks: "Mummy?"

Klaus walked towards her and asked extending his hands in front of her to pick her: "Can I, sweetheart?"

She is getting the feeling of motherhood from his aura and his whole vibe is screaming love and calmness so she made grabby hands. Ezra scoffed holding his hands up in the air in disbelief: "Dis you just ditch me for fuc-heck sake? I got you here and you just let him pick you, why?"

Klaus rolled his eyes and cooed at her adorable chubby cheeks: "Aww are not you such an adorable little chipmunk huh?"

She blushed a little and he caressed her tinted pink cheeks with his forefinger ever so gently like she will break if he touched her any hard. Ezra scoffed crossing his arms over his chest: "That's my name for her, get another Klaus"

Klaus just rolled his eyes at his brother and looked down at the little girl in his arms who is staring at him intensely trying to figure out how he just rolled his eyes. She tried doing it but ended up making weird faces.

Klaus smiled down at her adorable face as she hid her face in the crook of his neck while the lesson of a mother for not getting near any men just fly out of the window at Klaus's soft and gentle talks and touches.

Klaus said rubbing her neck making her yawn: "Faye is going to help you bath and get ready okay, sweetheart"

She blinked as Klaus called out as his voice turned cold void of any emotions in them: "Faye"

A young girl in her early 20s walked inside bowing down and keeping her eyes on the floor as they are not allowed to make eye contact with their masters. She asked in a soft tone: "Yes Master"

Klaus nod approvingly and said looking at the small girl in his arms: "This is girl, you are assisting in getting ready"

Faye said with a small smile: "Yes Master"

Klaus put her down on her feet and ruffled her hair then walked to Faye who gulped hard as he stopped in front of her. He leaned down to his side and whispered in her ear: "You remember what I told you. One mistake and you are going back to that place you came from"

Faye stuttered in a shaky tone as her eyes brimmed with tears: "Yes Master"

Klaus nod and walked out of the room passing a small smile in the little chipmunk way who is giddily waving at him. Ezra said throwing the towel and hoodie at Faye: "What are you waiting for?"

Faye gulped and rushed to the little girl holding her hand to him to hold it. Her brown eyes looked up at her as she looked down back at her hand which had a faded burn scar with some numbers over it exactly like the one her mother had.

Her mother's scar was still new and red on the side while her scar is white lines. She slowly traced her fingers over it making Faye shiver at the memories of that place. If Klaus doesn't buy her that day 10 years ago, she would have been in that same place getting used for someone. She knows they are not good people but at least Klaus doesn't use her for sex.

Klaus gave her a job here and now she had a life at least. She can't go out and visit around some places because of her past and that mark over her wrist. She is still glad to have a life rather than being a sex slave in that place.

Faye said smiling softly at her: "Please come with me, Miss"

She nod and Ezra called out: "Faye, right?"

Faye nods timidly scared about what he is going to ask, none of them remember their servant's name, or maybe their identity doesn't matter to them. But Klaus remembered her name from the first day she told him. She kind of had a crush on him but she wouldn't accept it.

Ezra gave her a sign so she walked to him and stood right in front of him keeping a three steps distance. Ezra leaned down to her right ear and said darkly: "If she asked you about this"

He traced his finger over her wrist Mark and she shivered in fear as he continued: "You wouldn't tell her about this. Don't even talk about that place to her"

Faye said quickly bowing down: "Yes Master"

Ezra nodded and Klaus called out: "Ez leave her alone"

Ezra rolled his eyes and walked out of the room then said glaring at Klaus: "If you like her just fucking confess brother. Why protect her from hiding behind shadows always?"

Klaus said shaking his head: "I don't. And Even if I do we don't have a future. I'm not getting in any type of relationship right now"

Ezra grinned widely: "So you accept you like her?"

Klaus glared at him removing his shirt: "No"

Ezra grumbled and Vito yelled from downstairs: "Guys, Vince wants everyone in the living room"

Klaus changed into a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt then walked downstairs with Ezra following behind him. Nyx walked inside the house and plopped down on the couch with a bored look on his lips. Ezra looked at the man sitting with Vincente while talking to him but Vincente doesn't reply to anything.

Klaus grabbed Ezra's hand and gave him a squeeze whispering: "It's our home, Ez. Our safe place"

Ezra nods giving a cold look but Klaus can see behind his cold outlook. They walked downstairs and Klaus and Ezra sat down on the same couch. Vincente's eyes immediately moved to Ezra as he looked at him from up and down properly to make sure he is fine. The man spoke up in a soft tone: "Ez, how"

Ezra snarled cutting him off rudely: "Only my family calls me Ez, it's Ezra for you, Adelio"

Adelio said glaring at him: "I'm your father Ezra"

Ezra mocked him with a chuckle: "You never were, Adelio"

Adelio is about to get up from the couch when Vincente demanded in a low tone: "Don't"

Klaus sit up straight and asked with a clenched jaw: "Why the fuck are you at our house?"

Adelio said with a loud sigh: "I'm here to get Ezra with me. His mother is sick and doesn't have much time"

Ezra falls back on the couch laughing loudly while Vincente's eyes never leave his hands. He knows all his brothers. He knows how he can read their minds with their body language. Vito isn't good with hiding emotions in his eyes so you can read his eyes to know him.

Ezra's hands tell you how he is feeling while Klaus is kind of an open book for Vincemte as they are twins so he can feel his emotions all of the time. And Nyx is just hard to read, he knows how to hide his emotions, and how to keep his body language straight so no one can read him but Vincente is an exception.

After Ezra laughed and died down he snickered: "Oh God, I'm sorry guys. That woman needs me like seriously Dad. She didn't think about me when she"

Ezra growled glaring at him: "Fuck it. I don't care if she is fucking sick. All I care she can die and I wouldn't come to see her"

Adelio growled: "She is your mother"

Ezra scoffed walking away: "She was never. You both can never be my parents ever. Stop fucking interesting my life. I wouldn't hesitate to kill you"

Adelio growled behind him: "Ezra for fuck sake, you can't just"

Vincente raised his hand and Klaus looked at him and then nodded saying: "Vince wants you to leave. He just wants Ez to know about this condition. That's why he let you in but don't ever come back"

Vincente stood up from the couch and waited not so patiently for Adelio to leave. Alelio glared at Vincente: "You fucking ruined my son. If I would have"

Vincente took a step towards him easily towering over his height while saying looking down into his eyes: "Ez is our brother. I did what was best for him"

Adelio is about to say something when Faye came downstairs with her. Vito smiled in her direction a bit creepy while Vincente is just staring at the small girl. On the other hand, Nyx's eyes narrowed at the hoodie especially because he designed himself. Nyx jaw clenched hard as Vito exclaimed: "My almost human but an Angel child"

Nyx gave him a look that say: "Are you fucking serious?"

Klaus cleared his throat and whispered to Vincemte who rolled his eyes. Ezra walked back to her and she looked at the three unknown men in front of her. Adelio asked with wide eyes: "Who is she?"

Klaus said glaring at him: "It doesn't matter. She is nothing to you"

Vito called out: "Alex, kindly shush him out of our house"

He added sweetly making Alex gulp knowing what it means: "Please"

Alex said simply holding his hand showing towards the main door: "Sir please, leave"

Adelio looked at the small girl but walked out of the room and Vincente exclaimed: "Call some orphanage or something"

Vito frowned: "But why?"

Klaus stared at her while Ezra winced: "But Vimce, I bought her for 5000, 000$. I didn't even enjoy her"

Vincente gave him a look and Ezra said shaking his head with a disgusted look plastered on his face: "Not like that, eww. I mean I like her, like a baby"

Nyx is glaring at her or you can say his hoodie with a clenched jaw while Vincente said darkly looking away from his warm brown eyes which are doing something in his cold heart: "She can't stay here and I'm not changing my decision"

She blinked at him and when she recognized him she rushed to him and hugged his legs making all of them shocked: "Vinny?"

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