Chapter Two

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Third-person pov:

After Alex pulled out of his shocked state and started his drive towards the mansion as Ezra is busy typing furiously on his phone with a blank look on his face. He kept glancing at her from time to time and then saw her shivering as her long white T-shirt is all wet due to the rain. Her hair is soaked up. She is hugging herself as her eyes are dropping.

Ezra ordered peeking at Alex through the rare view mirror: "Enciende el calor (turn on the heat)"

Alex nod taking a small glimpse at the little girl shivering in the corner of the big leather seat. After a few minutes, the atmosphere around the car turned warm and she sighed in relief and then looked at Ezra who was busy on his phone. She opened her mouth but closed it again as her stomach grumbled again.

Ezra turned towards her slipping his phone back into his pocket then asked: "What's your name?"

She looked at him with wide eyes then furrowed her eyebrows. Name? She never had a name. What is a name? Ezra saw her confused expression so he said tilting her head to the right: "I'm Ezra, Ezra Diaz. And you?"

She shrugged turning back to look out of the window again as the raindrops pour over the window. She is watching the water droplets racing down the glass which excites her but the thought of her mother never left her. A question is popping into her head which is where he is taking her.

Ezra's jaw clenched when she turned away from him then he took a deep breath and a smile made its way to his lips. He asked in a soft tone: "So you don't have a name, I guess?"

She turned back to him once again and shook her head in no. He said smiling sweetly: "See it wasn't difficult to answer me, is it?"

She shook her head once again and Ezra clapped his hands together making her flinch. He said chuckling to himself not guilty for making her flinch: "My bad"

He questioned wanting to know further: "What's you got called? Like anyone your father or mother?"

Her eyes lit up at the mention of her mother so he said raising his eyebrow at her but keeping the sweet fake smile on his lips: "Your mother?"

She nods quickly making him internally cooed at her innocence for giving someone like him all the information about her life. He hummed quietly then asked: "Your mother doesn't have a name, does she?"

She shook her head in no as he already knew the man and woman who got into this work, by will or by force, lose their identity. They don't have a name or anything except a number which got a stamp on them a hot stamp that leaves a scar forever.

His clenched at the thought of the mark over her body and her being a part of the prostitute. He took a breath to relax his mind going fuzzy with all negative thoughts and anger and he lost control.

He asked now looking at her: "Why were you at that place?"

She shrugged and then whispered: "Mummy lives"


The car stopped in front of a big mansion while Ezra hopped off the car with the same emotionless face. After talking to her about her old life and things. He gets to the conclusion that her mother was a prostitute at that place and had her. She kept her hidden but he is sure she couldn't do it alone so there must be somewhere there helping her.

She told him that she was always in the closet except when her mother slept in the room, only once in 7 to 8 days otherwise she never came back in the room except to give her food and water timezone to time.

Ezra walked towards her and opened the door helping her to get off the car as Alex closed the car door behind. She waved him bye making his heart melted as they walked inside the mansion. Alex watched her with a soft gaze, he would like to adopt the little girl but his wife wouldn't like it so he wouldn't ruin the poor kid's life.

Ezra was walking ahead of her while she was following behind him like a lost puppy. She is looking around the big place with wide eyes. Everything is so beautiful here. She never saw any place like this so beautiful and exciting.

Ezra found her cute as her eyes lit up at little things like the big Chandelier hanging from the ceiling looking so exciting in her eyes. She is adorable in his eyes and he wants to know more about the little chipmunk.

(Aww his nickname for her is so cute๐Ÿ˜š)

Ezra stopped in the living room as she bumped into his legs making him roll his eyes. She frowned looking up at Ezra who is also staring down at her. She looked down averting her gaze on the beautiful white marble floor where she saw her reflection.

Ezra put his hands over his knees and bed down to her eye level then slowly put two of his fingers under her chin holding her head up so she look directly at him. Her brown eyes are reminding of chocolates and he loves chocolates, he already loves her. He shook his head muttering to himself: "No, I don't. I can't"

He said starting darkly in her warm chocolate brown eyes filled with curiousness: "Stay right here. Don't move from her, understood?"

She nods her head don't want to disobey him and get hurt. He hummed quietly and stand to his full height and said walking upstairs: "Wait here"

She nods slowly and stays in the same place he left her. She hears a loud voice of someone yelling over the phone walking inside the mansion. She wants to hide as her mother always teaches her to hide whenever someone comes but at the same time, Ezra strictly told her to stay in the same place and not to move so she can't disobey him.

She is debating in her little mind about what to do with this new person when the man wanted into the living room. He let out a shocked scream"Ahh oh, fuck"

He walked in front of her stared down at her with wide eyes then let out a silent scream. She started at him tilting her head not knowing what he was doing because his mouth was open but no voice was coming out. They both stared at each other as he chuckled to himself narrowing his eyes at her tiny frame: "Wait, I know you. I know you"

She stared at him curiously and he said pacing around and rubbing his temple: "Let me think, I saw you. I know you, fuck. Why can't I remember where I saw you?"

She just stared at him feeding on his energy as she bounced on her toes while thinking why he is pacing around like a hungry dog. Well, she never saw a dog but her mother told her about them. She even thought about her other things like Alphabet and counting.

She know to count till 80 but she couldn't learn further because yesterday night was the day she was going to teach her further till 100 but she didn't come back.

She loves her mother even though she hit her seven times in her whole 4 years of life. It was only when she had taken those weird medicines otherwise she always smiled and talked all nice with her. She wasn't a bad mother just in a situation where she couldn't do anything but hide her daughter to keep her safe from the cruel world she lives in.

She cuddles her, hugs her, gives her kisses, and even tickles her sometimes when they play tag and she got caught. She was happy in her little life in the four walls of the room with her loving mother. Her mother was recently getting much angry over little things but she was nice to her and her only family, Her Home.

He suddenly yelled making her pull out of her thoughts: "Yeah I remember where I saw you"

Ezra asked working downstairs with a blood-red hoodie with black horns death over it: "And where did you see her, Vito?"

He said with a huge grin spreading wider and wider over his lips: "Do you remember the book I got when I was 8"

Ezra exclaimed happily now: "Yes, then the book Klaus stole for us"

Vito nodded like a child on Christmas too happy which is kind of creeping her out. Their smiles aren't something that is reaching their eyes, they are filled with only darkness but their eyes are holding so much pain and magic that only a few people can see and she can see the lack of love in their eyes.

Vito said grinning: "You remember the Angel from the 7th page who came to help those boys"

Ezra nodded again and Vito exclaimed with the brightest smile that can make you go blind: "She looks like that Angel"

Ezra nodded along with his youngest brother and Vito said clapping his hands happily: " You are mine, Almost human looking but an Angel child"

Another man walked inside the house in a blue suit drenched in rain. His beautiful eyes look so inviting and he asked too sweetly to her liking: "And who is this adorable kid?"

Ezra said shrugging like it was a normal thing: "I bought her from the prostitute's house for 5000,000$, Klaus"

Klaus looked at her from up and down for a few seconds asking: "Vince gonna kill you for sure"

Vito asked with furrowed eyebrows: "They sell Angels now. Wait to forget it. But Isn't she a bit expensive?"

Ezra rolled his eyes at his brothers and turned toward his little chipmunk. She is staring at them with wide eyes and confused expressions on her face. He found her adorable and even all confused and terrified. But the fear in her eyes didn't excite him or make him feel satisfied because it concerned him for her.

There is the question in his head: "Who was her mother? He had to find her before she found her. Because now she is His chipmunk and he will keep her, forever"

He holds the hoodie up to her saying: "you are soaked up in rain, c'mon we gonna change your clothes"

Klaus said with wide eyes: "Wait for a freaking second, isn't it Nyx hoodie?"

Ezra shrugged casually exceeding his hand to her who is looking up at him with soft but scared eyes: "Yup, Vito's room was closed and my hoodie gonna drown her tiny figure and I gonna lose my Chipmunk"

Klaus grabbed the hoodie from his hand growling: "Are you crazy? He gonna murder this poor kid"

Vito faked sympathy: "Aww, poor almost human but an Angel child gonna die early"

Ezra glared at him: "Fuck no"

Klaus scrunched up his face and asked: "You can just call her Angel, Angel face, or some shit. What the heck is this, Human almost angel child?"

Vito corrected him quickly: "Almost human but an Angel child, that's my nickname for her, cute right"

Klaus said shaking his head: "This crazy kid. Leave it. And you Ezra get a Vito hoodie or your own. Don't touch Nyx's clothes or this and you stole the one he designed himself, for fuck sake. You're gonna start the world war here"

Ezra snatched the hoodie from Klaus and stated grabbing her hand: "c'mon he wouldn't do anything"

Klaus is about to protest but Ezra already dragged her with him yelling: "Think a pretty name for her, Vito. I will get you the game you were making for all this month"

Vito grinned throwing the bag over his shoulder on the couch and glopping himself right next to it: "On it"

Klaus yelled walking upstairs to his room: "If Nyx gets angry then it's your fault, Ezra"

Ezra shrugged as he found her covering her ears tightly with her tiny hands while her eyes shut tightly. Ezra said sweetly: "Hey, it's totally fine Chipmunk. They just talk like this, loud. Don't be afraid. They wouldn't hurt you"

She subconsciously pouted: "Scary"

He cooed internally at her voice so sweet and angelic. He said shaking his head: "Don't be afraid. I'm here. I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. Vito also likes you, he is finding a name for you, something good with suits you"

Ezra said grabbing a towel from the washroom: "And Klaus also kind of like you or he would have thrown you out of the house the second he saw you. He is just like this"

Ezra is about to remove her t-shirt when he hears a voice in his head:

"You are just a kid. Your consent doesn't matter. Your parents gave their consent to use you however we want so shut the fuck up and take it like the good boy you are"

"Consent is something which matters, in everything. Even if you are just a baby, your consent matters, Remember it Ez, you are important"

Ezra took a breath shaking the thoughts off his past asking for her consent: "Can I remove this?"

The monster inside him chuckled at him: "She is changing you Ezra, Mhm"

Ezra growled inside at the monster inside him: "Never"

She remembers her mother giving her the talk: "Listen here baby, remember it properly. You are your own person, yes. No one matters more than you, not even me. Don't you ever let anyone touch you wrong? Don't let anyone look at you wrong. Stand up for yourself. I couldn't do this but you will. Yes, tell me you remember I told you about good and bad touches and places you should not let anyone touch. Don't trust men, all men are the same. They are like hungry animals who want to rip you off and eat you just because you are small and weak so don't ever think you are small. Don't let anyone take advantage of you, baby. Do you understand mumma?"

(A/N: sorry, If I offended you with this sentence that "all men are the same." I do trust there are some good people also. As all women aren't even good so we can't say anything about anyone. I just want to show the trauma the environment cause in her mother as she was living with all the horrible men who only used her and all. You will get to know about her life more in upcoming chapters. And there are so many secrets about her and her mother you don't know so please wait patiently, for the next updates. Love you allโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’‹)

She said shaking her head in no with tears brimming in her beautiful chocolate brown eyes: "I do"

She repeated inside her head: "Don't trust anyone"

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