Chapter One

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Third-person pov:

A beautiful brown-eyed girl is hiding in the small box-type closet covering her ears as tears keep pouring out of her eyes like rainfall. She is scared and hungry because her mother left two days back saying she will be back with her breakfast but she never came.

She told her before walking out of the door: "I have to go and serve a master then I will bring you breakfast okay baby, you will keep yourself hidden and please don't come out whatever it is"

The loud sound of someone moaning and screaming with the sound of some bad words is getting louder and louder. She wants nothing more than for her mother to come back and just give her those weird medicines so she can fall asleep. She doesn't know her mother gave her drugs to make her fall asleep.

Her stomach grumbled and she hissed in pain so she decided to go and look for her mother. She doesn't feel like it's right, her mother is in some danger but the poor thing doesn't know that her mother is no longer alive. She was killed brutally after getting raped all day and night that she couldn't take the pain and died.

She rubbed her sweaty palms together and peeked out of the room with scared eyes and her hands holding the edge of the door tightly. She had to find her mother. She walked out of the room and towards the hallway with broken steps as her legs were hurting from the last punishment she got from her mother. She just tried to peek out of the balcony as she was told not to and get punished for being bad.

After walking in the long hallway hearing loud announcements going on about something she didn't understand. The hallway was empty and dark when she bumped into someone falling on her bum. She winced and looked up rubbing her eyes to clear her vision. She narrowed her eyes to look clearly at the man who scoffed walking away and talking on the call: "Stupid kid"

She got up wincing when someone grabbed her hair from behind making her cry out in pain: "A young girl. You are going to bring good money"


Ezra is sitting in front of the big stage where one man is announcing the arrivals and starting prizes of the bidding while two women bring girls one by one selling like some piece of art. He is here for a mission and he is just waiting for the signal.

Ezra had his jaw clenched and hands crossed over his chest. He had an emotionless face and his green eyes were cold and dark. He is wearing a black suit with a silver watch shining in his hand along with a few rings around his fingers. The tattoos over his fingers and going up to his arms are only adding more to his dark aura.

As much as he doesn't like it a bit sitting here and watching people bid on girls and women. He doesn't care about anyone of them, he just doesn't enjoy here sitting and watching and hearing annoying voices crying, begging, and yelling the loud prizes for their pleasure thing.

He saw worse than this to feel anything towards anyone of them. He is thinking about that kid he bumped into in the hallway. The thought of her warm brown eyes are making him feel warm inside.

His phone pinged with a notification from his elder brother: "Do it"

A dark smirk came to his lips as he is about to get up from the couch when his forest green eyes met the same warm brown ones. He immediately sat back down and stared at her tear-stained face and bright red nose and chubby cheeks.

She is reminding him of a chipmunk he saw when he was around 7 at the local park. He fed him some food and he climbed over his hand which made him so happy. That's the last time he felt real happiness.

She is struggling to get her hand free from the man who is glaring down at her as he is holding her wrist tightly in a tight grip which is definitely going to leave a bruise on her delicate skin. The man announced loudly over the mic in his hand: "Such a young beauty, what prize are you gonna pay for this slave here?"

One of the men with a deep scar going down his right eye to his jaw smirked licking his lips and looking at her from up and down: "100, 000quot;

Another one said chuckling: "This girl is mine. 200,000quot;

All of them were bidding over her while looking at her with hungry eyes when one of them yelled over the loud yelling of people: "1000,000quot;

No one bid over him as he got up from his seat and walked over to the stage grinning down at the small girl. He looked at the announcer with a dark gaze who left her hand and he said smirking grabbing her hand: "How about we put on a good show for everyone my slut?"

She furrowed her eyebrows staring at him not understanding what he meant when he said chuckling sliding his other hand under the big woman t-shirt she was wearing right near her private parts: "You are mine now and I can use you however I"

She sobbed as his hand touched her when Ezra got up from the couch as his green eyes darkened looking almost black. He said in a low cold monotone: "5000,000quot;

The man stared at him with wide eyes as the Diaz brothers were never interested in these prostitute shows and bidding but suddenly Ezra is here, not only this but he is also bidding over a girl. The announcer pulled her to him making her cry out in pain as she tripped and fell.

Ezra looked at his bodyguard who rushed to the stage and surrounded a protective circle around the small girl who was still crying on the floor for her mother. The man glared at Ezra who only chuckled at his aggressive behavior: "If you want her bid more than me and get her"

The man only scowled: "How long are you gonna keep her? She is just a whore. She is with you for a few weeks, months, or maybe a year then someone else, maybe me"

Ezra was disgusted with the idea of her in such a situation but kept his emotionless face outside. He rolled his eyes and turned towards his guards: "Llรฉvala al coche (Bring her to the car)"

The guards nodded and one of them held said looking down at her: "Come with us"

She didn't know what was happening but she didn't like everyone staring at her with these weird expressions and hungry looks. She is scared but at least she can go out from this stage. She followed them still in the safe circle of the bodyguards. She is keeping her eyes down when one of the guards said with a soft smile when they are outside in front of their car: "My name is Alex. And please don't be afraid. You are safe, I guess"

She didn't say anything and waited for them to tell her what to do as she doesn't know why she is there. Where is her mother? Who are they? She had so many questions but her mother's voice is ringing in her head like an alarm: "If anyone ever found you, you wouldn't say a word, especially about me. If you ever went out of this place then just forget about me and live your life. Forget you have a mother who couldn't protect you and provide you the love and care you need. Just forget, I'm anything to you because I'm just no one to you, no one, say it"

She said scared of the punishment if she didn't: "You are no one"

He said patting her cheek then kissing her forehead lovingly: "that's my good girl"

She doesn't know why she had such a weird life or maybe that's how everyone's life is. Is there are more people like her, small and scared? Because she only saw big people who only scream and do weird things. Like her mother who always came back with so many bruises and marks all over her body. She looked up at the sky getting dark with some beautiful clouds in this sky.

She blinked up at the sky as the rain slowly poured over her little body making her flinched suddenly. It was so sudden and she never saw Rain. She didn't even know what things were called but she remembered there is one in the washroom of her mother's room that got broken.

When one of the mean men tried to force her mother into the bathroom and she got her head hit in the shower head when he was holding her up doing something with her she didn't understand. But one thing was sure, she didn't like that man for hurting her mother. She was bleeding but he didn't leave her.

When he left her mother was unconscious with red blood all over the bathroom wall and floor then something leaking from between her legs along with blood. She was so scared to see her mother like this so she treated her like she used to do with her when she got punished and hurt herself.

She pulled out of her thoughts when she felt the rain stop pouring over her and saw Alex holding an umbrella to her with a small smile. She frown as she didn't used to getting smiles and kind gestures then slowly peeked her head out of the umbrella in the rain and pulled back immediately as a little giggle almost escaped her lips.

"You should giggle and laugh loudly. It's bad"

She covered her mouth and hold her hand in the rain as Ezra walked out of the place with a sinister dark smirk over his lips which make anyone shiver in fear. She stared at him and two of the guards rushed to him one holding the umbrella and the other one grabbing the bag from his hand.

Ezra walked directly to the small girl and stared down at her with curious eyes. He tilted her head to the side as she did the same tilting her head with him. He said chuckling darkly: "C'mon, I'm gonna see what Vince gonna do with you"

She furrowed her eyebrows and Alex whispered to Ezra looking down at the poor girl: "I think she is deaf and mute"

Ezra made a clicking sound with his tongue saying: "good for her"

He said opening the door for her surprising his guards and himself: "Get in"

She blinked a few times and he did a sign with his hand for her to get in so she looked back at the door as he waited not so patiently tapping his foot on the floor. She sighed remembering her mother's words: "I'm no one to you. You will go away and forget me if you ever get the chance"

She tried to climb in the car and then looked back at Ezra who was watching her struggle with amused eyes. He shook his head then picked her up by her armpits and sit her inside the car. He threw the door too loud making her flinch and shrink in the brown leather seat. He said shaking his head and walking to the other side as Alex hold the door open for him: "5000,000$ for this deaf and mute girl. Was I fucking serious?"

As he sat inside and nod at Alex to get in and leave this place as soon as possible. She said playing with her fingers almost in a whisper making Alex and Ezra gasp: "Thank you"

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