Vincente Diaz:

Is the eldest twin of Klaus and the Godfather of the Irish Mafia. He is half-Spanish and half-American. He is a cold-hearted man who doesn't talk to anyone except for a few words until it's needed. He is strict about the rules he made in his household and loves the power he holds over everyone. He loves things under control and wants everyone to follow his orders without questions. His one look is enough for people to know not to mess with him and his family. He is protective of his family.

(He is 28 years old)

"It takes more courage to suffer than to die"

My Little Dolphin

Klaus Diaz:

Is the younger twin of Vincente by 5 minutes and the Boss of the Irish Mafia. He is half Spanish and half-American. He is a Lawyer by profession. He is exactly like his twin strict and cold-hearted but more talkative than him. He understands his twin even when he doesn't even talk and he is mostly in charge of taking care of their younger brothers because he had much more patience than his twin. He loves his younger brother to death and can die for them. He is a cruel monster outside his family. He is protective of his family.

(He is 28 years old)

"When is a monster, not a monster?

Oh, when you love it"

Little one

Ezra Diaz:

Is the third eldest brother and the Boss of the Irish Mafia. He is more of the talking one in the whole Diaz family and more fun to be around but he is the dangerous one also in all his brothers. He loves to play games with his prey before he kills them. He can be sweet and soft but at the same time, he can kill you with his sweetness. Don't get fooled by his kindness. He is possessive of his things and wants them only for himself. He is protective of his family.

(He is 25 years old)

"I'm terrified by this dark thing that sleeps in me"

My Innocent chipmunk

Nyx Diaz:

Is the fourth eldest Brother and the Boss of the Irish Mafia. He is the most handsome one of his all brothers. He is Greek. He had those Greek God features which make men and women fall on their knees at his beauty. He doesn't go along with society because of his hard glares and silent nature. And whenever he talks it's mostly curses. He doesn't like anyone in his personal space, his room, and his Art room. He is protective of his family.

(He is 22 years old)

"You look pretty with blood all over your face, Darling"


Vito Diaz:

Is the youngest brother and Boss of the Irish Mafia. He is half Latin and half Italian. He is the spoiled one as they call him because he can make you listen to him with his puppy eyes and the cute faces he makes. Well, it doesn't mostly work with his brothers but others surely do. He is a hacker and helps his brother with the Mafia business. He is soft-spoken and more polite until you make him angry. He is protective of his family.

(He is 21 years old)

"I feel like it was my anger that had to keep me alive"

My almost human looking but an Angel child

Adaliah Diaz:

Is the sweetest and kind girl you gonna ever meet. She is a bit sassy and a weird girl. She loves her mother but didn't like when her mother left her locked up in the room and she has to keep herself hidden in the small closet. She hates the voices coming from the other rooms around because she couldn't sleep and they scare her. She is waiting for her family to get her as her mother told her that one day they will find her and get her away from this cruel world.

(She is 4 years old)

"They call them monsters, but I saw magic in their eyes.

Dark, Dirty, and beautiful magic"


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