Chapter Two

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Third-person pov:

It's already midnight and Luciano is still standing outside the orphanage but this time a bit far away from the main entrance. He doesn't want to leave his daughter even for a single second. He is just waiting for the sunrise so he can go and get his daughter with him.

Eros already left to get all the papers ready so nothing can stop them from getting his niece home with them. Luciano's phone started ringing as he picked up the phone from the passenger seat and held it to his eating. He leaned his head back in the seat and spoke coldly: "Speak?"

He hears the soft and gentle voice of his husband: "Luci, You good?"

Luciano groaned for making his husband worry about him as he is this late out of the house and doesn't even inform him about why he is late. Levi asked again a bit panicked now: "Luci? Say something. You good?"

Luciano took a sharp breath and spoke up: "Yes Love, I'm good. Did you eat dinner and take your medicines?"

Levi bites his lips and mumbles quickly: "Yes I did"

Luciano clenched his jaw already knowing that his husband was lying to him. He said now sitting straight and keeping his eyes on the closed doors of the orphanage: "Love? What did I tell you about lying?"

Levi said huffing: "I was waiting for you Luci. I'm sorry"

Luciano said shaking his head: "Video call"

Levi grinned: "Yes wait"

He immediately handed up the call and in less than a few minutes, Luciano's phone rang with a Video call. He took a shaky breath already knowing his Husband definitely ask him why he is on an empty road, in his car like this. He picked up the call and Levi's happy face came into his view which makes him forget all his worries.

Levi said grinning at him: "Luci, I missed your face"

Luciano rolled his eyes saying: "Only my face?"

Levi said shaking his head: "Nope, I miss your voice, pretty eyes, pink lips, your body, sweet kisses, and gentle hugs"

Luciano grumbled: "My hugs are not gentle and I don't give sweet kisses"

Levi laughed slightly: "Yeah your kisses are mostly rough but the kisses you gave me unknowingly on my forehead, nape, cheek, nose, back of my hand, and other places are the soft and sweet ones"

Luciano asked narrowing his eyes at him: "You were mostly sleeping at that time or don't have attention to know this"

Levi chuckled making hand gestures like he is pulling Luciano's cheeks: "I'm your husband Luci. And I knew how soft-hearted persoyouuu are. I wanna squeeze your cheeks because you are adorable"

Luciano glared at him while saying: "Get your ass up from the bed and go to the kitchen"

Levi asked with a frown: "why?"

Luciano said blankly: "Because I'm telling you to do so"

Levi huffed and walked to the kitchen then asked looking around: "Now what?"

Luciano: "Get some food and eat right here on the call"

Levi said pouting: "You are not coming back home? Why are you in the car, on that empty street?"

Luciano said with a sigh: "I will tell you everything, once I got home"

Levi asked getting a plate and putting some food to heat up in the Oven: "Is it serious? Do I need to tell kids?"

Luciano said blankly: "It is serious but nothing bad, I assure you love. And tell those bastards"

Levi cut him off with a glare: "Don't call our kids that"

Luciano grumbled: "They aren't kids anymore. Tell those fuckers to be there in the early morning. I will be home around 5 or 6 am"

Levi said huffing: "You are not getting to touch me or be near me if you are going to be all mean to my kids"

Levi said, my kids on purpose knowing Lucuiano will definitely fix it. Luciano said narrowing his eyes at him: "They are Our Kids. And you also know that I like them"

Levi said correcting his sentence: "You love them, Darling"

Luciano said rolling his eyes: "Finish your dinner quick then have your medicines. I'm watching you"

Levi giggled and asked: "you didn't have dinner right?"

Luciano said shaking his head: "No love. I had lunch late this afternoon"

Levi sighed saying: "I will make you your favorite breakfast when you came home"

Luciano smirked: "You are my favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner"

Levi turned the whole red and winced: "Oh God Luci when you are going to stop this? We are parents and Our kids are going to get married soon"

Luciano smirked leaning back ok the seat: "And who said, parents can't flirt? That's not how relationships work Love. You can't just stop showing affection and love to your partner just because you become parents. That ruins your relationship"

Levi said giggling: "I know. I don't even want to you stop"

Luciano said: "I know love"

Levi smiled at him and they had a long talk on the video. Levi takes his medicines also and they went to bed. Levi ended up falling asleep soon as he was already tired because of the work at the office then coming home and dealing with some other Mafia stuff.

Luciano watched his husband through the phone thinking how he became so lucky to have such a beautiful and sweet husband. He never knew what good things he did to have him. Maybe helping little kids that git him such a set husband. He can never thank his grandfather for finding Levi as his husband. He ends the call when Eros came back.


The next morning came quickly as Luciano still doesn't want to leave his daughter and go home even just to freshen up to meet his daughter. He can't go inside of the smell of alcohol and the tattoos are visible on his grey t-shirt. He needs to look professional and good.

After Eros makes him believe that he wouldn't leave from here until he came back. Luciano finds himself right outside his house with an expressionless face. He hopped off the car and threw his leather jacket on his shoulder walking inside the house. The guards outside start looking down in respect, but mostly fear which makes him only smirk.

He took a shaky breath before stepping inside already knowing his husband will definitely know how much he was drunk last night. He is about to walk upstairs when he hears a voice belonging to his third eldest son: "Pops gonna beat your ass dad"

Luciano clenched his jaw hard and growled: "Shut up fucker"

Levi growled back from the kitchen: "Stop yelling at my kid Luci"

Dominic smirked at his Dad then pouted when he saw his Papa approaching them from the kitchen: "Pops"

Levi walked towards him with a sad look at his pouting face and wrapped his hands around his head. Dominic also wrapped his arms around his waist while mumbling: "Dad always yells at us when you are not around and even calls us those names"

Levi glared at his husband who huffed and walked upstairs glaring at his son. Levi patted his head saying: "I will talk to him. Can you turn off the gas? I have to go talk to Luci"

Dominic said quickly: "Of course pops, go fuck your hubby"

Levi glared at him with pink cheeks making Jim chuckle at his papa then he walked to the kitchen. Levi walked upstairs to their room and saw Luciano pulling his tie off. He helped him to remove his coat and then asked cupping his face: "What happened? Do you wanna talk about it?"

Luciano nod turning towards him and wrapping his arms around his husband's waist then nuzzling his face in the crook of his neck. He kissed his neck a few times making him shiver and Luciano smirked a bit it's been years since their marriage and they still feel the same as they did when they kiss each other.

Luciano said cupping his face: "don't panic"

Levi's eyes turned worried and Luciano whispered loud enough for him to hear: "We found her"

Levi's eyes filled with confusion but he saw Luciano's expression and his breath hitched in his throat as realized what he meant. Levi looked at him with wide eyes filled with tears and asked: "Re-really?"

Luciano said with a small nod: "Yes, it's true Love. I saw her, she looked exactly like me but she had your eyes"

Levi broke down in tears and asked: "how is she? Is she happy? She must be a big girl now. She knows you and Scarlett, Is she?"

Luciano cut him off saying: "Scarlett isn't with her. She lives in an orphanage"

Levi asked crying loudly: "But why? Scarlett, what happened to her? Our kid at the orphanage?"

Luciano is about to answer him but their third eldest son Dominic came inside the room after hearing Levi's loud sobs: "What the fuck you did Dad?"

Levi is sobbing so much that he couldn't form a word and Luciano is trying to comfort his husband while telling in a hushed voice but his son hears him: "Love, I know. I know it's difficult but don't cry and don't tell anyone right now. I need to fix this"

Dominic pulled Levi from his Dad's arms to him and then asked: "Pops, look at me. Tell me, Dad did something to make you upset?"

Levi is trying to say something in his crying and muttered a few words: "He finds...she"

Dominic eyebrows furrowed and he almost growled glaring at his Dad: "Dont tell me, you are cheating on pops"

Luciano is about to say something when their youngest son said rushing inside: "Cheating? Dad is cheating on Papa?"

Dominic glared at his Dad: "He found a girl"

The youngest one whined: "I don't want a stepmother. Oh God what if she turns out like those shittu stepmothers and"

Levi said trying to control his tears: "No he didn't"

Dominic said gently: "Pops, you don't need to lie to us and help him. We wouldn't let him do this. Did he threaten you or hurt you"

The youngest one said with wide eyes: "You mean abuse?"

He looked at their dad with disgusted eyes saying: "you were my role model Dad"

Luciano runs his hand down his face as anger is slowly seeping into his veins like blood. The youngest asked their Papa: "Don't tell me Dad hit you, a week back when you had that bruise on your arm"

Levi grumbled pulling away from Doninc: "Oh God"

Levi went to his husband and held his hand then leaned on his chest saying: "Luci didn't do anything to me and he didn't cheat either. He never even raises his voice at me, hitting me is a whole different thing"

Dominic asked carefully: "Are you sure? You know we love you. If he is threatening you or something we are"

Levi said with a chuckle wiping his face in his husband's shirt: "Nic, I'm good. He didn't threaten me but I think you should leave before he beat your asses"

Luciano said darkly: "Language love"

Levi gave him a sheepish smile and mumbled a quiet sorry. Dominic looked at his Dad angry face and said rushing outside: "I have some work"

The youngest one also rushed outside: "I have to walk my fish to the nearest park"

Levi laughed at his excuse and Luciano called after him: "I want all your stupid ass brothers, in the living room, around 4 in the evening"

The youngest one yelled rushing downstairs: "I will inform them"

Levi asked quickly: "We are adopting her right? And"

Luciano slowly cupped his face and kissed his lips in a slow passionate kiss: "Of course we are Love. She is our baby. And I already fix everything. We are going to adopt her and let her get adjusted to us before she meets her fucker brothers"

Levi slapped his arm softly: "don't call my boys mean names"

Luciano said kissing him again this time a little roughly: "I apologize, MY LOVE"

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