Chapter One

Third-person pov:

A beautiful grey-eyed girl is sitting in the corner of the dark room staring into the space with empty eyes and only one thought what if he comes back and hurts her again? Her body is hurting so much and she knows she couldn't take any more beatings. She flinched at the thought of him coming back and a sob left her mouth as the door opened and her breath hitched in her throat.

A tall and dark man stumbled towards her and she know looking at his wobbly walk that he is drunk. She covered her mouth because she is know how much he hate her crying and he gonna hurt her so much. She started at him with wide eyes and he said throwing a few notes on her: "go bring me another beer"

She slowly collects the money with sweaty and shaky hands then slowly gets up with her jello legs due to the beating and weakness as she didn't get to eat from last night. She sighed that it was still evening so she doesn't need to worry about the darkness. She slowly walked past him out of the room and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand: "Ivy a big girl"

She walked out of the orphanage towards the main road and start walking towards the small shop to buy beer for her Master. After a lot of struggle, she reached the shop and walked to the counter. She went on her tip toes and try to reach the countertop when a man from behind said gently: "what a cute Baby like you doing here?"

She flinched and looked back at him with wide eyes while her back pressed against the counter making her cry out inside as she couldn't even run. She sobbed loudly as her body is shaking violently: "go please"

He looked at her shaky state and how badly she start sweating. He understands looking at her condition that she is getting panicked. He take a step back and said kneeling in front of her: "ahh my bad, I'm invading your personal space"

She furrowed her eyebrows and he gave her a soft smile: "I'm so sorry Little one. I just want to help you. You're too little to be in a place like that huh? I promise, I wouldn't hurt you"

She mumbled with teary eyes: "promise"

He said smiling softly: "I promise"

She sighed feeling a bit relaxed but still alarmed by his closeness. She mumbled after a few seconds as her body relaxed: "I here for beer. Daddy want"

He looked at her from up and down and saw a few scars and new forming bruises on her neck and hands which are not coveted. He understands looking at that she isn't having a good time where she lives and that she needs to get protected. He wants to get her with him to where she belongs but he stops himself and decides to get her what her Daddy wants. He needs to talk to his best friend before taking any steps.

He hummed with a soft smile and said in a cold tone to the bartender: "one beer"

She said wiping her tears with the back of her hand: "tank you, Mister"

He smiled lovingly at her and said: "I'm Eros little one. What's your name?"

She said biting her lips and looking down: "Lilah Ivy"

He hummed softly and grabbed the bottle the man handed him. He hold the bottle to her and she passed him the money. He shakes his head while asking: "Are you hungry?"

Her eyes widened as she realise how hungry she is. She slowly nods her head but then shakes her head while saying: "no, thank you, Mister"

He said shaking his head: "oh no, it's totally fine, my dear"

She hummed softly and said: "your money Mister"

He said smiling softly: "keep it, little one. You can have something from this money"

She looked at the money in her tiny hand and then back at him and he smiled softly then he get up and she slowly walked past him looking back at him until she walked out of the door. She left the place and start walking towards the orphanage, not knowing someone is watching her from a distance.


Luciano is sitting in the bar glaring at the space with his beautiful grey eyes shining in the lights of the bar. He is frustrated and angry as he couldn't find his daughter for the past three years. He is not a normal person, he is a fucking Mafia and he still couldn't find his daughter, his blood.

Four years ago, he and his husband decide to have their own kid, their own blood. They talk to their doctor and after a lot of struggles and things, they find a way to have their own kid. They find a woman as a surrogate to have their baby. They are more than happy after finding out that it's a girl as all his sons and husband want a girl in their family.

The woman was 7 months pregnant when she told them that she is not going to give her daughter to them. They tried to make her understand but she run away with their kid and they couldn't find her. It's been four years and they still couldn't find their daughter. He doesn't care about the woman now after she threatens to kill their baby but he just wants to meet his kid once.

Eros, his best friend and also his right hand in the Mafia said making him pull out of his thoughts: "Romeo"

Luciano shifted his glare at him and barked: "what?"

Eros said shrugging: "I know what you are thinking but we're trying to find her and also your daughter"

Luciano said with a loud sigh glaring at the glass in his hand: "it's been four years and we didn't even have a fucking clue where the fuck she took my kid"

Eros sighed and Luciano scoffed then get up finishing up his drink. It's Eros's dad's bar so they both usually come here just to meet him and sometimes to even chill. Luciano is about to walk past him, and his eyes land on a tiny girl walking inside the bar. He doesn't know why he could not help but to walk towards her.

He stopped behind a pillar and looked at her beautiful grey eyes staring around the place with a scared expression and she turned towards him properly which make his world stop there. She is looking exactly like a girl version of him just a cute one.

She had the same grey eyes and green corners, the same red full cherry lips, and a small nose but he had a pointed nose when he was little he must exactly look like her. She is like an innocent version of him. He couldn't keep his eyes off her tiny frame as Eros said coming from behind him: "what happened?"

Luciano wants to go and meet her but then he looked down at his drunk state and his tattoos then his leather jacket and all look gonna scare her. He said blankly pointing towards her: "go talk to her"

Eros looked at the tiny girl and sequels happily rushing towards her: "a baby, gladly"

Luciano rolled his knowing really well, how much Eros loves kids. He watched him interact with the kid as he saw hos scared she is looking. Eros doesn't have tattoos or anything, As he looks like a normal businessman in his usual suit. After a few minutes, he saw her walking out of the place so he rushed to Eros and growled: "why the hell did you let her go? You should invite her. What's her name?"

Eros said with wide eyes: "she fucking looks like a girl version of you, Lilah, her name is Lilah Ivy"

Luciano couldn't help the small smile at her name, her name is perfect just like her. He knows one thing now she is his daughter, and he doesn't need any proof or anything.

He nodded while rushing outside: "I know and she looks like me and I had a feeling that she is who I'm looking for the past four years"

They followed her closely as Eros asked: "c'mon we can just go and meet her then tell her you're her father and get her home with us. It's easy"

Luciano scoffed: "I don't know how you're my right hand with those shitty ideas you always gave"

Eros huffed pouting: "you're in this position because of me don't forget that"

Luciano rolled beautiful grey eyes with is shining under the moonlight as they reached the orphanage. He saw her enter the orphanage and frowned: "why the hell she came to the orphanage?"

Eros frowned: "she said she was there to buy a beer for her Daddy and she had bruises on her body"

Luciano clenched his jaw hard and said punching the tree hard then taking a step towards the orphanage to rescue his daughter: "my daughter was living with some abuser shit. She should live like a princess in her castle and I will"

His phone rings cutting him off as he pulled out his phone from his pocket. He looked at the caller I'd and his furrows knitted together as he saw his husband, Levi. Eros said smiling: "all her brothers will love her and adore her. Rylee will be more than happy to see her"

Luciano held the phone tightly in his fist and Eros asked: "what are you going to do now?"

Luciano said darkly with a smirk: "I will get my daughter with me tomorrow morning"

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