Luciano kneeled in front of the beautiful blue-eyed girl who is looking down playing with her chubby fingers. Luciano never kneeled in front of anyone in his whole life. He put two fingers under her chin and make her look up at him. Her eyes were wet with tears as she sniffled. He said in his usual cold voice: "Hermosa (beautiful)"

She scrunched her eyebrows in confusion not understanding what he is saying. She is about to rook a step back but he holds her jaw firmly making her flinch a little bit, but the vibes he is giving her are safety and protectiveness. She asked gaining some courage as she is trembling while tilting her head to the left: "who are you, Mister?"

He said darkly with a smirk dancing on his lips making her only look at him with soft confused eyes: "Te encontrรฉ, mi Bella Princesa. (I found you, my beautiful princess)"


Lilah is a sweet, innocent and cute baby who lives at an orphanage. She is only three years old and a total Angel. She is shy and so pure. She doesn't like meeting new people, especially men, she feared them. She had a bubbly side that no one knows existed. What happens when a man suddenly entered the picture and claimed to be her father? This man is none other than the most ruthless and dangerous Mafia leader Luciano Romeo Black. Is she really his daughter? Will he give her the love she deserves? Read to find out..........

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